Provence, one of the most picturesque regions of France

Are you heading to Provence in the coming months? This region of southern France is famous for its picturesque landscapes shaped by fruit-bearing vineyards, sunflower fields, lavender crops and charming villages.

Small and beautiful, nestled on mountain ridges and with a dreamlike backdrop, the villages of the Provence region have always fascinated travelers who came to explore the southern part of France, attracting them with their labyrinthine streets, houses made of stone and decorated in Provencal style, but especially with their warm atmosphere.

Named “villages-perchés”, each of these hidden gems boasts an interesting history and a unique beauty. Here are some of the villages we recommend to visit in Provence:

Gordes. Gordes is recognized by the French government as one of the “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France” (one of the most beautiful villages in France). The village is on the edge of the Monts de Vaucluse plateau, overlooking the stunning Luberon valley. A medieval castle, built in 1031, with massive watchtowers and ramparts, is the main attraction of this rural settlement. The castle has a troubled history of robberies, plagues, revolutions and bombings during the Second World War, being later renewed and given in the tourist circuit. Visit the castle, stroll the cobbled streets around it, explore the narrow alleys and venture on the hidden stairs. Also try the local specialties from small shops, especially honey, olive oil and dried spices.

Bonnieux. Located in the heart of Provence, this village inspires peace and tranquility wherever you look. Climb the stone steps to the top of the village for the breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valley and visit the magnificent 12th century Vieille Église Gothic church, in an old cedar forest. During the sixteenth century, Bonnieux and the surrounding fertile agricultural lands were owned by popes, and several wealthy Catholic bishops lived here in the small castles. In the village you will also find plenty of lovely cafes and restaurants, as well as a market full of local food. Do not hesitate to visit the Museum of Bakery, a museum dedicated to baking bread.

Goult. The small village that seems to have fallen asleep in the past centuries, is extremely photogenic and attractive, attracts visitors with its snaking road on which, on both sides, colored stone houses are lined, many of them having facades covered with vines. living. The road runs from the base of the village to the top, where there is an old windmill. Among the tourist attractions you must see here are the Romanesque church Notre-Dame-des-Lumières and Château de Goult, a 17th century fairy castle where you can even stay overnight. The beautiful Saint Véran chapel is also worth exploring, especially as you will see a lot of very old olive trees and oaks in its path.

Lacoste. Of all the villages in Provence, Lacoste has probably the most interesting history. The infamous Marchiz de Sade lived here from 1763 to 1778. His medieval castle (where a lot of libertine parties took place) is still standing on the hill that looks over the village. Now, it is owned by fashion designer Pierre Cardin, who purchased the partially ruined castle in 2001, which he later renovated, decorating it with a lot of remarkable works of art. The village itself is very charming and peaceful. Enjoy the splendid views around, surrounded by purple lavender fields and neighboring villages.

Provence is not only one of the most beautiful areas in all of France, but also a global tourist destination with a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. It’s great to visit if you want to feel the need to breathe fresh air and enjoy a quiet life even for a few nights. In addition, it can be the perfect place to spend the most beautiful times with family or friends.

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