Learn about the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic


If you dream of an exotic holiday, you have every reason to choose the Dominican Republic: simple and delicious food, surprisingly tasty rum drinks, lively people and especially beaches. The beaches of this island country of the Caribbean Sea are particularly beautiful, integrated in landscapes that seem at times quite dramatic. You will discover a perfect combination of mountains with the seascape and you will fully enjoy the clean waters, where you can snorkel or dive without any problems.

You will also be able to enjoy many resorts and hotels here, with excellent services and more than decent prices. It is a fairly large country (48,730 km2) and offers hundreds of beaches.

We’ve made up a list of the most beautiful beaches, from where you can easily discover coral reefs, wander the uninhabited islands or get lost in the wild jungle.

Bavaro Beach. It is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy all inclusive services. There are a lot of hotels that offer complete accommodation, dining and entertainment options, their services being perfectly combined with beauty of the sands, the tall and mesmerizing palm trees, the turquoise waters and the numerous options of aquatic activities. If you want to try sports like parasailing, motor boating or snorkeling, this is the ideal destination.

Playa Grande. This is a very clean and beautiful beach with a length of 1.6 km. The natural setting is perfect and the winds make it ideal for surfing lovers. Golf lovers can find here one of the most famous golf courses in the world. It is not a beach suitable for families for children, however, given the always hectic sea.

Rincon Beach. A large number of Dominican Republic photos that have become very popular on the internet are from this place. It is a white sandy beach, with huge palm plantations and a fantastic natural setting drawn by the mountains rising from the opposite shore. It is a beach where you can easily reach from the city of Las Galeras and it is always quite free, since it has no accommodation places in the immediate vicinity. If you want to discover this beach try not to miss Boca del Diablo (a very interesting tourist attraction) and rent a boat there.

Cayo Levantado. Do you want a stay where you can relax on a private beach? This is, without a doubt, the perfect destination for that. Cayo Levantado is a small island surrounded by beaches with fine sand and turquoise waters. It is believed that all 3 beaches of the island are among the most beautiful in the entire Dominican Republic. Given the fact that you can discover them all in the same day, through attractive routes on the island, this destination is truly a truly a unique one.

Dorada Beach. Here is yet another perfect destination for All Inclusive stays. With a perfect combination of mountains, turquoise waters and fine sand, this beach awaits you with activities such as windsurfing, water skiing or simply hiking. Although there are numerous all-inclusive hotels, the place retains a natural setting that you will love, given the distance between these constructions.

Everywhere you go in the Dominican Republic you will find a range of stunning beaches. And what we have provided you with above is just 5 of the hundreds of beaches that you can relax in and do all the activities you want all year round, be it summer or winter. The average summer temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius and in the winter the temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius, and it is ideal for tourists from all over the world.

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