Here’s why you should spend your winter holidays in Bansko, Bulgaria

We all know that Bansko is the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria. Thousands of white sports lovers from neighboring countries, Romania and Greece, as well as from Germany, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world gather in the picturesque mountain town every winter to enjoy its slopes.

Bansko is a village located in southwestern Bulgaria, in the Pirin Mountains, at an altitude of 925 meters above sea level. It is the best known ski resort in the Balkans and also an international winter tourism center, with excellent slopes, equipped with all facilities, but also numerous lakes, rich pine forests and plenty of thermal springs. Its popularity in recent years has grown so much that Bansko has started to become more and more popular compared to renowned resorts in France, Austria and Switzerland. This is due to its qualities that are improving, as well as the costs that remain as low. 

Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast or just love the snowy mountain scenery, in this article you will find all the reasons why Bansko resort should be included in your travel plans. 


Ski slopes. Although the resort offers plenty of attractions and sights at all seasons, most tourists frequent it (especially in recent years) for the exceptionally good conditions for the winter sports it offers. 

Bansko is very close to three mountains: Pirin, Rila and Rhodopi. The ski season in the region lasts five months a year (from December to April), prices are affordable, hotels are plentiful, and most importantly, the slopes are well maintained and equipped with everything you need for skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, sledge and cross-country skiing. 

The ski area of ​​the resort starts from 1000 meters altitude and reaches 2560 meters. There are 15 slopes with varying degrees of difficulty and a total length of 75 km. Moreover, here you will find night slopes, special snowboard slopes, beginner slopes and enough experienced instructors who offer courses to those who wish. 

But not only the ski slopes are attractive in Bansko. The ice rink in the resort is also in great search, paragliders are also available, and hiking trails in nature are full of tourists when the weather is favorable. 

Tourist attractions in the city. Bansko’s reputation as a top ski resort attracts many tourists during the winter season. This is the main reason why this small town in the Bulgarian mountains has been developing so fast lately. However, this sudden development did not change the character of the Old City of Bansko, which visitors say is a fascinating place, which should not be missed. Walking the narrow cobbled streets, in absolute peace and quiet, in the Old Town you will discover medieval stone buildings and traditional markets sunk in a bohemian atmosphere. 

Among the most important tourist attractions in this area are the Holy Trinity Church, Pirin Street (with lots of shops and restaurants) and Gotse Delchev pedestrian street. Another place worth visiting is the Museum of the poet Nikola Vaptsarov, the Velyanova House and the monument of Hilendarski Countries (the founder of the “History of Bulgaria-Slavonic”). 

The food. The food here is fantastic; cold soup with yogurt and cucumbers (steak), Shopska salad and vegetables stuffed with rice are delicious, meat is plentiful, and spicy lamb chops and grilled chicken fry are tasty. And, although Bansko is full of high quality restaurants, we recommend you try also the traditional Bulgarian food taverns, locally called mehana. There you will find, among other things, local zacuscia, belly broth (drs’kovka), moss, yogurt, plachego, donut and baclava.

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