What to do in Berlin – Top 9 Attractions in the German Capital


Fun, multicultural, exciting, and surprising. Berlin is the capital of Germany and, as some say, the capital of Europe. Here are a few ideas of attractions to check out if you want to head over to Berlin for a few days!

Enjoy a night in Brandenburg (heart of Berlin)

The Brandenburg Gate is the most famous monument in Berlin. Try to arrive here at night because the gate is beautifully lit, giving you a much better view than if you visited the monument during the day. In addition, if you arrive in Berlin during the largest festival of lights between 11 and 20 October 2019, we guarantee you will be amazed.

The Brandenburg Gate was built between 1788 and 1791 in the era of Federico Guillermo II, and is similar to the gate of the Acropolis in Athens. The German gate is a symbol of division and reunification. A monument of dedicated to the 1930s, the darkest period of human history.

Today the Brandenburg Gate is used as a meeting point for Berliners on the most important local holidays. There is no doubt that visiting this attraction should be part of your itinerary.

Climb the Reichstag dome

The Reichstag was the seat of the German parliament during the Nazi era and was rebuilt after 1945. After the reunification of the Germans in the 1990s, the famous British architect Norman Foster was designated to renovate the building, to which he added the glass dome that made the Reichstag one of the most visited places in Berlin. To climb the Reichstag dome, you simply need to book your free entrance on the German Parliament website.

Follow the trail of the Third Reich

If you are passionate about the history of World War II, you have the opportunity to choose one of the organized tours to see the whereabouts of Hitler’s warehouses. On a four-hour tour, you will have the opportunity to see a museum at the former headquarters of Nazi institutions, an open-air museum where you will be introduced to the crimes committed by the Nazis against humanity. Also during the tour, you will find out important details on the place where many important decisions were taken during Hitler’s government – the Reichstag building.

Walk through Gendarmenmarkt Square

You should definitely not miss out on visiting the Gendarmenmarkt square, said to be the most beautiful market in the city, because it is crowded with tourists all year round.

However, the uniqueness of the Gendarmenmarkt is thanks to the two cathedrals that share the same dome – the French cathedral and the German cathedral. In the center of the market, we can find the Konzerthaus Hall, one of the top five concert halls in the world thanks to the excellent acoustics and interior design.

Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral was built between 1894 and 1905 in Baroque style and is very similar to the Hohenzollern Imperial Palace. As with most of Berlin’s buildings, the dome of the building was badly damaged during the war and was rebuilt between 1975 to 2002.

Tiergarten Park

The 210-hectare Tiergarten Park is one of the best places to relax in Berlin, where you can simply sit on the grass under the sun – of course, provided that it’s a sunny day. You can also do not hesitate to discover the park on a bike, rent or boat on the lake. You will be surprised by the beauty of the place, which feels a lot like a fairytale!

Visit at least one of the five museums on the Museum Island

The Museum Island is a small island surrounded by the Spree River, which derives its name from the fact that it hosts five major museums: the Pergamonmuseum, the Old Museum, the New Berlin Museum, the Bode Museum, and the National Art Gallery.

UNESCO declared the Museum Island as part of the heritage list in 1999. We recommend you to visit the New Museum, where you can find the Nefertiti Bust, or the Pergamonmuseum.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall, also known as Schandmauer (the “Wall of Shame”), was built in 1961 and divided Berlin into two parts (West and East Berlin) until it was demolished in November 1989. The remains of the 155-km wall today only reveal a few glimpses into the event that separated so many German families.

Look for the most beautiful bridge in Berlin

Berlin has more than 900 bridges with various architectural styles, so there’s certainly a lot to check out. In our opinion, the best candidate for this title would be the Oberbaumbrucke bridge on the River Spree.

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