European Summer Destinations for the Cold Season

In today’s article will show you a list of some of Europe’s most sought after destinations by those who want to escape the cold weather.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, or Islas Canarias, as they are called in Spanish, are an archipelago that is an autonomous community of Spain, located in the Atlantic Ocean, 100 km from Morocco.

The Canary Islands archipelago is a destination famous amongst many tourists around the world, especially because of the famous island of Tenerife, a great place to visit especially in the summer and winter months. However, apart from Tenerife, tourists also arrive to the Canary Islands for places such as Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote. Taking into consideration the fact that the number of international tourists arriving on the islands exceeded 12 million annually, we can safely say that this destination is part of the top of European destinations at any time of the year.

Temperatures here between the months of February and May are usually 18-19 degrees Celsius, and a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in July is between 23-24 degrees, which makes it just perfect!

Also in the Canary Islands, more specifically in Tenerife, you will find the highest mountain peak in Spain, reaching an altitude of 3718 meters.


From Spain we’ll now head over to Portugal, more specifically the island of Madeira. Madeira has a temperature of just around 19 degrees during most days of February. It is located in the North Atlantic, and is an archipelago that contains Madeira, Porto Santo and three other uninhabited islands. The capital of Madeira is Funchal, a city where you will find a famous botanical garden and which looks like an archipelago full of bananas, oranges, lemons and amazing tropical plants.

On the island of Madeira you will also get a chance to see, the Orchid Garden (Jardim Orquidea), so if you are a fan of these beautiful flowers make sure you check out this place.

In Madeira you will enjoy the beauty of the aqueducts dug in the mountains by the locals over the years, starting with the 16th century – over 2100 km of aqueducts that bring water to the more arid areas of the island and which, recently, also supplies electricity through the power of modern hydropower plants.


With winter temperatures reaching at least 17 degrees, Cyprus is one of the most preferred destinations among many tourists in the Middle East and Europe.

Traditional menus here are very similar to traditional cuisine in Arab countries and include kebabs, beef and lamb at each meal. And let’s also not forget about the grilled Haloumi cheese!


Crete is the largest Greek island (8000 square km) located in the Mediterranean Sea, providing over 1000 km of sandy beaches and rivers filled with beautiful flowers with crystal waters that made it famous all over the world. Crete is a very popular vacation destination during the summer, but in can also be an amazing choice for the winter months, when we all want to escape the harsh cold from time to time.

In Crete, you can explore the historical and archaeological ruins, but also enjoy the sun, the perfect sea scenery and the specific Mediterranean architecture.


Malta is one of the destinations that tourists do not usually explore in the winter, but rather only in summer months. However, during the winter season, temperatures in Malta can reach as high as 17 degrees, making tourists who arrive here find the warm climate on this island just perfect.

Malta has a lot of amazing temples, underground catacombs and a UNESCO listed city (Valletta).

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