Vietnam – A Beautiful Land Visited by Tourists From all Over the World

Vietnam is a land of magnificent plces that suit the tastes of all tourists who come here. Each region in this country offers a variety of experiences that can capture the attention of every curious traveller.

Vietnam has become an increasingly popular tourist area in recent years not only among Asians but also among Europeans and Americans. With the new slogan, “Vietnam: A Country, Not A War,” Vietnam has managed to develop its tourism through various aspects, not only offering historical sights but also many other interesting tourist attractions.

Here are the most important tourist attractions in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Being Vietnam’s largest shopping city, Ho Chi Minh has a very special vibe. It is a complex mixture of different cultures and historical influences that offer a blend of architecture, culture and vibrant streets. If you decide to visit Saigon, you need to spend some time exploring the vast Vietnamese coffee culture and exciting nightlife, with lots of streets and restaurants, where you can find fruits, ice cream and even barbeques in the middle of the night. When the Vietnamese finish their work, they always fill the streets of this magical city to relax and have a good time.


Your visit to Hanoi will leave you with a romantic vibe, especially during the autumn months. This is a city you must visit on your trip to Vietnam if you want to learn more about Vietnamese history and culture. It is a unique combination of pre and post colonial architecture, historical and cultural museums, local performances and festivals, concerts and various types of monasteries and temples.

Delta Mekong

Delta Mekong is a beautiful mixture of green rice fields, bird sanctuaries, magnificent villages and endless fruit gardens. A one-day trip is simply not enough to explore this fertile region of the country in depth. There is no other place in Vietnam where you can enjoy such abundance of fruits, vegetables and freshwater fish of all kinds. There is an endless list of local foods to be served in this delta, the best being, according to local people, grilled snails in black pepper sauce.

After enjoying the local specialties, spoil yourself with a cruise in the delta during the sunset, which will provide you with a unique panorama of this mesmerizing place.

Phu Quoc

This tropical paradise is a perfect destination for those looking for a place which inspires love and peace. The crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand invite you to dive deep into your mind and relax your every feeling. Walk barefoot on the soft white sand and read a good book, and every now and then take a look to the emerald green waters to completely blend into the magnificent environment of this island.

Phu Quoc is a quiet island, full of entertainment and adventure. The water sports and water activities you can do here are fantastic. You can try water skiing, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. If you have an adventurous spirit do not miss the experience of squid fishing!

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