A quick look at Singapore’s most famous tourist attractions


Singapore is called the “nanny state”, because the state (implicitly, the ruler) is considered to be the “father” of all. Actually, Singaporeans are lucky because they have a pretty smart “father”, determined to make Singapore a very big and very modern country.

It is also called the “beautiful city” because it is very difficult for someone to act in an unorthodox manner in the streets or any public places. Actions such as spitting in the street or crossing the red light are simple things in other countries, but in Singapore they are punishable with dreadful fines. The crime rates in this beautiful country are almost completely zero.

Let’s get to know five places you should not miss visiting on your holiday to Singapore.

Botanical Garden – we’ve all seen nice green areas in our countries, but the botanical gardens of Singapore are undoubtedly one of the green wonders of the world, especially when it comes to the unqiue tropical flowers here.

Marina Bay – created in 2009, this is one of Singapore’s most visited areas. Countless photos and documentaries were made about this futuristic Singapore area. The lights start working at 8 pm, so if you plan on visiting, this might be the best time.

The Zoo – We all know that there are some incredibly wonderful zoos all over the world, but the one in Singapore is truly one of a kind. Although it is a zoo, the barriers between people and animals are not iron cages and barbed wire, but highlands. Between you and the lion there is no fence, but you are at a height where the dangerous but wonderful feline can’t reach. The zoo will make you feel that you are walking in a national park. In addition, you can always enter and walk among non-predatory animals that do not attack humans. You can walk near small kangaroos, for example, or check out adult kangaroos wrestling each other.

China TownSingapore can be said to be a Chinese city entirely, in that 80% of the city’s population is Chinese. This is true indeed, but the vast majority live in modern buildings, and not in traditional neighborhoods. Singapore has preserved a traditional neighborhood with small houses of another era, temples and shops selling traditional objects.

Sentosa Island – A place where residents can relax without seeing skyscrapers in every direction. This is the only beach in Singapore, and here you’ll find the “Universal Studios”, shops, restaurants, bars and parties.

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