The best travel destinations in the world for the most romantic holidays

We’ve put up a list with various destinations around the world, featuring some of the must-visit cities and islands if you’re planning to have some romantic times with your spouse or partner. Read on to check them out and add them to your travel list!


Positano, Italy

Positano is one of the most charming Italian cities, filled with romantic details. This magnificent city blends multicolored buildings, winding streets, beaches and clear blue waters, not to mention the stunning sunsets.


Positano is one of these destinations made especially for romantic times, to escape from the hassles of everyday life. Despite the fact that it covers a relatively small area, there are many interesting activities you can do on your vacation here. This city will make your journey full of wonderful and unforgettable memories.


Brugges, Belgium

Bruges is one of Belgium’s medieval cities, and one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. It includes the famous Lake of Lovers, where legend says a lover bury his bride in it and pour water to form a lake over her grave. This city seems like it was constructed to be the perfect destinations for lovers who love to walk along beautiful canals and cobblestone streets, enjoying dozens of lovely, greeting restaurants.


Fort Leslie, Ireland

Staying in a real castle is undoubtedly a goal when speaking about romanticism – and Leslie Fort in the Monaghan area at the Irish border provides you with exactly this experience! It is perfectly located on 1000 acres of Irish countryside that features stunning lakes and ancient forests. Enjoy a romantic Irish-style vacation here — we promise you’ll fall in love with this place.

The castle offers a wide range of activities available including fishing, organic treatments in Victorian treatment rooms, scuba diving in the outdoor hot tub, scenic nature walks, and privately watching a movie in the castle’s cinema.


Venice , Italy

The Italian city of Venice always tops the list of the most romantic cities in the world. It prides itself on the splendor of the history of the Renaissance, which is incarnated as the abyss and clumps hugging the water and connecting through bridges. When visiting Venice, you simply need to ride a traditional gondola on the city’s mesmerizing water channels.


Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague features beautiful castles that seem to be straight out of fairytales, alongside a variety of red-tiled ceilings in some historical Gothic churches, beautiful bridges and arched houses which make this stunning city ideal for a romantic holiday.


Prague has plenty of innovative restaurants and hotels unlike anything else you’ll see in other cities, as well as a wide range of very interesting shops. We recommend you to stay in one of the city’s antique hotels, which offer stunning views of its cobblestone streets and picturesque architecture.


Puerto Rico, Caribbeans

Puerto Rico is another wonderful destination in the Caribbeans, where travelers have the chance to enjoy the warmth of the winter sun on more than 200 miles of beaches, and enjoy the country’s vibrant culture.


Its capital, San Juan, is a unique movement combining tradition and modernity, making it a destination for tourists looking for unique adventures. The sun shines bright through the day and the Caribbean blue waters make diving a great activity, in which you can discover the magic hidden in the depths. The night lights up silver lights dancing on the salsa music that beats in its nightclubs. Puerto Rico’s high-end restaurants offer some of the best dishes you can find in the Caribbeans.

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