Oman – the beauty of the deserts and the nature combined

When thinking about Oman, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Muscat, the mesmerizing desert surrounded by mountains on every side. Here, tourists come to find peace of mind and drift away from the city’s noise, and enjoy its luxurious 5-star hotels, sandy beaches and warm waters. Muscat is also known for having the best diving spots in the world and a large, old market that might rival the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul , Turkey.

But this is a very small part of all there is to the beautiful country of Oman, which is opening its doors to travelers who wish to visit its greatest tourism treasures. Here are some of the best places to check out on your trip to Oman, that you probably haven’t heard of before.

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Musandam Fjords

Musandam is a small triangle linking the Sultanate of Oman to the United Arab Emirates and the Strait of Hormuz, where the unique inlets with mountains rising from sea level to 2,000 meters, proving that Oman is much more diversified than many realize. Despite the fact that they’re very high, you won’t find any ice on those mountains, which during winter reach the temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. You’ll have the wonderful opportunity to see the golden-brown sands, red-colored rocks, and palm-filled oases with clean, warm water.

You can enjoy fishing in traditional villages and towns here, most notably Khasab, Dibba, as well as various forts and valleys. Undoubtedly, the best way to explore the area is by a traditional old wooden boat, which you can rent either during the day or through the night.

Wadi Gul (Oman’s Grand Canyon)

The Al Hajar Mountains, which extend along the city of Muscat, look very much like the surface of Mars. Rocky and shallow, rising dramatically from the desert lands, they rise to more than 3,000 meters at the Mountain of the Sun. If you drive further up, you’ll find the beautiful 500-year-old mountain villages, where children sell goat hair charms. If there would be no desert haze, from this spot you could also get stunning views of Saudi Arabia.

The Green Mountain

The Green Mountain rises beautifully from the surface of the desert to more than 3,000 meters high, just like the Mountain of the Sun, but with one big difference – it is actually green. After driving through the rocky roads, you will be surprised by green terraces filled with pomegranates, figs, roses, almonds and barley grass.

The city of Bahla

Bahla is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its impressive fort, which some say dates back to 500 BC. The fort was restored in 2010, and is now in great condition. The city is surrounded by an ancient wall. While touring around this place, we recommend you to visit the mud brick dwellings, the Friday Mosque and the open air market.

The 17th-century Jabarin Castle is just a short drive from Bahla. It was built in the 17th century, and if you get the chance to, definitely put it on your visit list!


Throughout the Sultanate of Oman, summer temperatures can get as hot as 40 ° C or more. In Salalah, however, the southeastern monsoon keeps temperatures more than 10 degrees lower, with the rain falling every day. The city celebrates autumn through the Khareef festival, which lasts for six weeks. The mountains of Salalah are green and have plenty of water.

Outside of the Khareef, there are still plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful city. Salalah is considered to be the perfume capital of the Middle East. It also has exceptional historic sites such as the summer residence of the Queen of Sheba and Job’s Tomb. The region has five-star resorts, sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

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