Best Destinations for your Middle East Vacation

There are some misconceptions about the Middle East, but one thing is certain – more and more travelers are curious to visit this part of the world. Recent data shows that tourism in the Middle East is on the rise and estimates that by 2030 this region will receive 150 million international visitors annually.

It is not difficult to see what attracts so many tourists from all over the world to this place. Whether you’re looking for historical attractions, natural wonders, stunning beaches or global cities, you can find them all here. Read carefully the five recommendations on our list and prepare your first trip to the Middle East.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Ideal for international standards diving.

In no corner of the Middle East do the sun, the sea and the sand do as good a job as in Sharm El Sheikh. Egypt’s No. 1 resort is located on the shores of the Red Sea and is one of the most thrilling diving places in this part of the world. The clear, crystalline waters here make place for the rainbow coral reefs and all the tropical fish. Many of the hotels here have their own diving schools, so it’s almost impossible to leave the resort without a diploma in underwater sports.

However, in addition to the sea the Sharm el Sheikh has a lot of other things to offer. There are many events taking place around the Na’ama Bay, a large center where you can relax, go shopping or to restaurants, bars and night clubs.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ideal for a luxurious vacation.

If the idea of a luxurious trip is what makes you pack your luggage and go to the airport, don’t look any further. Dubai is the undeniable answer. With its huge, impressive skyscrapers and major shopping malls everywhere, Dubai is the definition of a modern, elegant city.

However, if you try to look a little further above the very modern city surface, you will find a lot of history and culture hidden under the luxurious Dubai facade.

We recommend visiting the old center and stopping at the gold market, to watch how locals and travelers negotiate the prices. Make sure you do not return home without going on a safari trip, to get to know the desert better. Here you can rent private SUVs over the sand dunes and enjoy a charming night in your tent, with the stars right above your head.

Istanbul, Turkey

Ideal for sightseeing and shopping.

With a part in Asia and another part in Europe, Turkey’s capital is an ideal introduction to the Middle East. The most interesting thing here is that one moment you’re inside the Blue Mosque trying to unravel the mystery of the place, and two hours later you’re drinking a wonderful coffee on the banks of the Bosphorus.

Of course, no trip here will be complete without visiting the huge and magnificent Turkish bazaars. The Grand Bazaar is the largest and most famous place of its kind. It consists of at least 60 streets, and about 4,000 stores. Do not stick to one or two, but rather try to visit as many as possible. Here you can buy whatever clothes, jewelry, decorative accessories and spices you can think of.

Muscat, Oman

Ideal for discovering untraveled roads.

The Sultanate of Oman, located in the middle of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, looks like a small country that is becoming increasingly popular amid traveler enthusiasts. Although it doesn’t have so many world-famous attractions, such as Egypt or the United Arab Emirates, but if you are looking for an authentic experience in the Middle East, it’s the perfect place.

Start your adventure in Muscat before venturing into any other city. Gaze at the beautiful landscapes on the steep mountains, deserts and the famous Grand Canyon of the Middle East. Here you’ll find 3000 km of Indian Ocean coast and secluded beaches, just perfect for diving.

Amman, Jordan

Ideal for natural beauty, ancient history and culture.

For adventurous travelers, Jordan is the ideal destination where you can find a lot of awesome attractions. Head over to the capital, Amman, watch the mesmerizing Roman ruins and try out local dishes in one of the restaurants here – falafel, hummus and baklava.

Also, the Dead Sea is just an hour away from the capital. If you have enough time, venture south to the old city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the world’s most impressive archaeological sites, due to the fact that half of the city is carved into rock.

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