5 places to visit on the island of Skiathos, Greece


The picturesque Greek island belongs to the Sporades group and is located in the north of the Aegean Sea. Skiathos is popular for its long beaches with white sands, for its rich pine forests and the ancient sites it hosts.

Travel guides say that the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of this island is on foot or by bicycle. Like most places in Greece, the island of Skiathos has plenty of hiking trails, caves waiting to be discovered, harbors with ships of all sizes, seafood taverns, and hundreds of years old Orthodox churches.

On your itinerary on the beautiful island which many tourists call the “Garden of God”, we recommend that you visit the following tourist attractions:

Kastro. The most spectacular place in Skiathos is definitely Kastro, where the ancient capital of the island was built. Situated in a majestic setting, on the north side of the island, Kastro is now home to the ruins of an ancient fortress built in the 14th century to protect locals from pirates. It is about a 15-minute drive from Skiathos, but most travelers prefer to simply walk to this destination. It is indeed a splendid hike, but note that it takes about 2 hours to get there and during summer it can be quite tiring due to the high temperatures.

In addition to the ruins of the ancient fortress, in Kastro you will also discover a wild nature that is somewhat different from the ordinary Mediterranean landscape. From here, the Aegean Sea looks like the Atlantic Ocean, with its steep and sharp cliffs and long, narrow beach.

The Papadiamantis Museum. In the center of Skiathos you will have the opportunity to discover the works of a famous Greek literature writer: Alexander Papadiamantis, whose name you’ll also find on the main street of the city and on the island’s airport. The writer was born in Skiathos in 1851 and died there in 1911. His work, considered to be a great value of Greek literature, mainly refers to the human condition, the Orthodox faith and the rural life, all inspired from this picturesque island.

The birthplace of Papadiamantis no longer exists, but the home in which he died was restored and transformed into a museum. It is a small and modest building, hidden in a charming market, a stone’s throw from Papadiamantis Street. Not only will you find here the personal items that the writer used in his daily life, but you will also get a chance to admire his furniture and some manuscripts. This museum has historical significance as one of the few examples of 19th century architecture on the island of Skiathos.

The Evangelistria Monastery. The Evangelistria Monastery was founded by a group of monks on Mount Athos in 1794 and has quickly become a safe haven for Greek insurgents in recent years of Ottoman rule.

In 1807, those who fought for freedom, including Theodoros Kolokotronis, Thymios Vlachavas and Andreas Miaoulis, gathered here to take an oath of freedom using a prototype of the current Greek national flag, with a white cross on a blue background.

The monastery complex consists of Katholikon (the main church), where you will find icons dating from the 1600s and 1700s, and from a museum that presents an exhibition consisting of vestments, manuscripts and crosses made of wood and silver. Here you will also find the original material used to weave the first Greek flag. 

Lalaria beach. Accessible only by a cruise ship, Lalaria beach is located on the northeastern tip of the island and is a true delight of the nature created by the high cliffs which formed a natural arch and a few caves.

Here you will be amazed by the spectacular scenery and the way the waves shake the perfectly circular rocks of different colors, which gives them a special glow in the sun.

The Old Town of Skiathos. Take a few hours to stroll around the Old Town of Skiathos, because there is so much to see here!

You can start from the Bourtzi Castle, which was built on the east side of the harbor, offering it a stunning look with its terraces filled with pines.

But the most interesting part of the Old City is probably the maze of narrow alleys and stairs. They are adorned with dark marble and carved paving stones. You will find here plenty of shops, boutiques, art galleries and a wide range of restaurants decorated with lots of colorful flowers.

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful vacation on the mesmerizing island of Skiathos? Book your stay now and travel to this awesome destination!

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