Ideal Destinations for a Family Holiday with your Children in 2019

If you plan to spend your vacation in 2019, it’s good to go to places you’ve never visited before. So, if you have kids, the choices are endless. Here are 10 of these options which can be an excellent choice for a perfect holiday with your children.

One of the many Greek islands

Corfu, Zakynthos, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes or Thassos – all of these can be called ideal holiday destination for families traveling with children. There, the weather is sunny all day long and there are a lot of wonderful beaches, full of history. Most importantly, these places are quiet and perfect for relaxation. You will discover many hotels that have playgrounds for children and even some recreational parks where you can have a snack with your family and enjoy some amazing moments. Also, let’s not forget about the Greek gastronomy, which is one of the most famous in the whole world.


The Danube Resort is ideal for families with children, given the abundance of recreational parks, hotels and playgrounds here. There are plenty of choices for children, so you’ll be able to find the time to check out a lot of activities yourself.

The coast of Croatia

It is difficult to choose just one single resort in Croatia to put under the category of “ideal destinations”. The Krk, Rab, Pag, Brac or Otoc islands, as well as the Croatian coastal resorts are ideal for families with children. We guarantee that you will fall in love with Croatia as soon as you get here!


Without a doubt, one of the destinations that you should get to at least once in your lifetime. Tenerife is an easy-to-reach destination where you’ll discover stunning landscapes, beautiful sandy beaches, waterfalls and water parks. Obviously, this is all appealing to adults, but your kids will also be extremely happy on the Spanish island.

Disneyland Paris

What other destination could be better for children than Disneyland? The cartoon characters, the numerous fun options that will boost your adrenaline levels and the charm of the place will make for an awesome vacation for both you and your kids. If you arrive at Disneyland do not think it is just a destination for children – adults also have a lot of fun here, too!

Bali, Indonesia

A more remote but incredibly beautiful option is Bali. It is the place where relaxation becomes a habit, and the unknown becomes a challenge. Here you can learn to do Yoga, you can discover the numerous rice crops, check out the huge waterfalls or take on an adventure in the Monkey Forest, where the children will be delighted by the over 300 macaques.


Valencia is one of the most colorful cities in Europe. Certainly, this place will delight you and your children. You can discover endless beaches with beautiful sand and try out many interesting activities here. Children will be delighted by the science museum and the zoo, and will simply fall in love with the “Churros”, so the good tip is to learn this awesome recipe for preparing Spanish sweets when you arrive home!

Antalya, Turkey

If you want to be treated like a king, there is no better destination than Antalya. The hotels here offer the best overall experience, both for adults and children. Each hotel has playgrounds and children’s shows, so that adults can relax in their spare time.

Algarve – Portugal

Here’s yet another destination that can will take your breath away with lots of sunshine, endless beaches and landscapes that you cannot find anywhere else. Algarve welcomes you to beaches such as Praya da Batata, Praia dos Pescadores or Praia de Rocha. There are many hotels for families with children here, and also plenty of places that your young ones will love. If you want to have fun with the whole family, choose the Algarve Marine Zoo, Aqua Show, or the Slide and Splash park.


Rome is where young people learn a bit from history, taste delicious pizza and try out the best pasta recipes. It is also a place that can be very quiet and delightful, being one of the most beautiful cities and also a destination that hosts many concerts, clubs and activities ideal for adults.

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