World’s 10 most welcoming cities for bycicle enthusiasts

Hiking gives you the freedom to discover parts of cities where no other means of transportation can get you, and discover new places while enjoying an unforgettable experience. There are many cities around the world famous for the huge number of byciclists.

In this article, we will review together some of the best cities in the world that offer you a unique and memorable experience of just roaming the city on your bicycle.

  1. Copenhagen – Denmark

The European capital that has earned its reputation as the most friendly city in 2015. The flat roads and carefully designed infrastructure have helped boost this reputation even more since then. Every day about 37% of Copenhagen’s population uses the approximately 390 km bycicle tracks, and soon authorities hope to reach 50%. This is likely to happen especially as the city has opened two bridges specially designed for cyclists.

  1. Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Amsterdam ranked second for cyclists this year. This city offers favorable conditions for cyclists and their numbers have strongly increased over time.

If you visit Amsterdam, you’ll see that almost everyone is riding bikes and there are special tracks for them almost everywhere. This is because the number of bicycles has exceeded the population at some point. The latest estimate of the number of bicycles is 800,000 compared with 230,000 cars, and an average of 63% of Dutch use the bike every day.

  1. Malmö – Sweden

The third largest city in Sweden is the most popular cycling area in the country. Malmö has more than 450 kilometers of tracks and parking spaces throughout the city, all built to reduce the increasing number of cars. Investments in this area are constantly expanding from 2013 so we recommend you take a direct tour through the city.

  1. Barcelona – Spain

The capital of Spain has more than 420 stations that people can use and more than 6000 bicycles are available for rental. The long, carefully designed bycicle tracks enable you to safely explore the city with a permanent view of the Mediterranean Sea, making the climate wonderful for cycling at any time of the year.

  1. Berlin – Germany

Berlin is a great place to explore by bycicle, with many tracks and parking spaces. In Berlin around 13% of the trips are made by bicycle, and in the suburbs the number reaches 20%

  1. Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s first bicycle paths were built in the area of Copacabana’s famous beach in 1992. And they did not stop there because the network has since expanded and locals have become more interested in alternative transport. Now Rio de Janeiro hosts 450 kilometers of tracks, parking lots and a rental system. Most of the tracks are built to have access to the most beautiful areas of the city, especially near the ocean.

  1. Bogota – Colombia

Also in South America, the capital of Colombia is one of the cities with the most developed infrastructure dedicated to cycling. Because the city is largely flat, the 350 kilometers of trails extend across the surface, and any street that is built or repaired must necessarily have a bicycle path. Since the beginning of the construction of these trails, bicycle use has increased five times, so almost 400,000 trips are made by bicycle everyday.

  1. Tokyo – Japan

The Japanese culture involves both physical care and environmental care. That’s why many of the inhabitants of the Japanese capital have decided to give up cars and cycle more often. Even if the city seems a difficult place to travel on two wheels, Tokyo is different from other cycling friendly cities because bikers mingle with pedestrians, as the bicycle trails are on the sidewalks. Numerous cyclists are seniors who enjoy the physical and social benefits of strolling around and shopping on a bicycle.

  1. Budapest – Hungary

The number of cyclists doubles annually in Budapest. Organizers of the famous cyclists festival say they achieved their goal shortly after they started, registering more than 10,000 participants in 2015. This is just an additional reason to visit this beautiful city and enjoy it riding your bycicle!

  1. Montreal – Canada

The capital of North American cycling is certainly Montreal, which has an annual budget of $10 million for building bicycle trails and securing dangerous parts on roads. It is therefore no wonder why half of the city’s population uses the bike at least once a week. The number of cyclists is increasing annually even if the city does not always have a very pleasant climate.

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