Amazing Places On Earth You Need To Visit Before They Disappear

Our planet has given us so many places that are so interesting and beautiful. Think of all the mesmerizing lands in which we can grow and breathe together with nature. Unfortunately, some places are facing the danger of vanishing, because we, humans, have forgotten that the planet takes care of our soul as long as we treat it well and take care of its spirit and well being.

In the Maldives, things have become so serious that the government there has already bought land in other countries for citizens who have already begun to feel the expansion of the sea. Due to the melting of the glaciers and the fact that it is the country closest to the sea level in the world, this spectacular island might disappear. If the water level continues to rise over the next 100 years, we might face the possibility of having to say goodbye to the beautiful sandy beaches, the luxurious vacations and the unique landscapes the island has to offer. It could be entirely swallowed by the seas.

The Maldives Islands are not the only ones suffering from the rising of the sea-level. Surely if you ever visited Venice, you took a ride in a gondola and watched every corner of this picturesque city with great admiration. But if you didn’t, now is the time! Venice is suffering more and more from floods, and it is expected that it won’t be long until it all becomes just a beautiful memory full of romance and nostalgia.

The Dead Sea, the ancient symbol of history and healing, may disappear in less than 50 years. Due to the neighboring countries that are constantly drawing water from the Jordan River, the only source of water in this sea, it’s likely possible that sooner than later, the only thing to remind us of the great Dead Sea will be the salty taste it will leave behind on the cold sands. Don’t hesitate to visit this wonderful place as we’ll guarantee you will have a beautiful experience, and, who knows, it might be one of the last chances you get to see it.

Have you always dreamed of going to ski in the Alps? Don’t delay it any more. The slopes of the Alps may disappear before you get to meet your wish! Experts are concerned that until 2050, the glaciers of the Alps could disappear if no action is taken to reduce the dangers of global warming.

Experts have claimed that about 3% of Alpine glacial ice goes away every single year. In 2003, reportedly, a record high level of 10% glacial ice was lost – which corresponds to about 3 meters of ice thickness.

The Alaska Tundra is one of the unique, distinctive characteristics of America’s most northern state, and it offers a unique landscape which is guaranteed to leave you astonished. Unfortunately, we will not be able to enjoy this view too much. The permafrost of the Alaska Tundra has almost melted, and this doesn’t only affect the vegetation, but the whole ecosystem is extremely endangered.

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