The Safest Destinations for Women Traveling Alone

In the past three years, the number of women traveling alone has increased by 52%.

But what are the safest places for women to travel alone? What factors should be considered when choosing a destination? Well, according to tourism experts, the main factors to be considered by those who travel alone, especially women, when looking for a new destination to explore include safety, cost and widely spoken English.

Traveling alone is not easy, but few things in life can be more rewarding, exciting and challenging. It teaches you new things around the world around you, it leads you to overcome your barriers and reveals aspects of your own personality that you have never suspected before.

Here are the safest destinations for women traveling alone:

Iceland. Even though Iceland’s nickname, “The Land of Fire and Ice”, sounds intimidating, solo trips in this country are always light and comfortable, with Iceland having a very low crime rate. The capital, Reykjavik, is renowned for its quiet nightlife, so there are almost no chances for a single woman to face issues even at night

There are countless reasons why Iceland deserves to be visited, but its natural beauty and spectacular landscapes are certainly the elements that fascinate the most travelers. Some of the most recommended things to do here are bathing in the beautiful Blue Lagoon, a hike on one of the glaciers and snorkeling in Silfra Fissure.

Thailand. The thought of traveling as a single woman in a Southeast Asian country can be a little scary, but most places in this part of the world are, in fact, very safe for anyone. Thailand, a country with a fascinating history, exciting temples, exotic beaches and lush landscapes, is a great destination! Traveling here, you will get to visit the amazing floating markets, the incredible beaches of Phuket and the Khao Sok and Khao Yai National Parks. You should also try out the street food in Bangkok and rent a scooter to explore the rice and manioc crops.

Netherlands. Known worldwide for its vibrant atmosphere, the capital of the Netherlands is a fantastic place to travel on your own. Rent a bicycle to go around the scenic canals, discover the country’s unique culture by visiting some of the best museums around the world (Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, etc.), socialize with the friendly locals and experience the crazy nightlife! For an authentic experience, visit the windmills in Zaanse Schans, a small town near Amsterdam, as well as the multicolored tulip lawns at Keukenhof.

Singapore. One of the safest cities around the world, Singapore is the perfect destination for women traveling alone. It is an extremely organized place, clean, with stunning architecture and with inhabitants who mostly speak English well. There are many things to do in Singapore, among the most recommended are visiting the colorful districts of China Town and Little India, Gardens by the Sea Gardens and Marina Bay Sands.

Canada. Canada is a friendly country with locals who respect travelers, so it is worthwhile to be included in the top of safe destinations for women traveling alone. Moreover, it is a country with a diverse range of natural landscapes, with attractions such as the Great Bear Rainforest, the Baffin Arctic Island and the Haida Gwaii Archipelago. When you visit Canada, it’s like going to Europe without leaving the continent. Not to be missed are the city of Quebec with its immense cinematographic culture and Montreal, with unique French-style cafes on the boulevard, Parisian apartments, Gothic architecture and dishes that contain a variety of delicious cheeses.

There are many other great destinations for women traveling alone. Finland, Japan, Spain and New Zealand are a few other very safe countries, where most locals speak English and you can find a lot of unique tourist attractions.

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