8 Wonderful Places to Visit in Malta


One of the most suitable holiday destinations for summer is Malta. With cheap plane tickets and unique attractions, Malta should definitely be on your list of future destinations!

If you decide to go to Malta, here are eight special places you should not miss when you arrive.

Valetta. No tourist can reach this country without visiting their capital. Valetta is one of the most concentrated historical areas in the world and is simply amazing with its numerous outdoor monuments, museums, bastions and fortresses that will take you on a trip to the past, all harmoniously blended with unique restaurants, shoppig malls and art galleries. A holiday in Malta must include at least one day to spend in the streets of Valetta and discover its charm.

Mdina. Another city where strolling around the streets is something that every tourist should do. It’s a medieval jewel with narrow and winding streets, which does not leave many signs of modern development. Stay one evening in Mdina so that you can best capture the charm of the place. You will surely want to come back and spend more days here!

Comino Island. The landscapes on the island are often found in tourist brochures. Here you’ll find the Blue Lagoon, where the extremely clean turquoise waters are a magnet for tourists. On this island you can do snorkeling, surfing and take hundreds of good pictures to show your friends and family!

Popeye Village. Although it is a relatively new tourist destination, it is one of the most popular in Malta. Poppeye Village is a village built in 1980 for the shooting of the movie “Popeye”, starring Robin Williams, and has as many as 20 unique little houses. Your children will be particularly happy about visiting this village!

Siggiewi. Malta has not only old cities, but also unique ancient villages that you’ll fall in love with right away. Siggiewi is the living proof. It is a traditional village that hides some interesting objectives, such as the church of St. Nicholas built in 1693. If you arrive here in summer, you will discover that this village is the host of the Folklore Nights. The Limestone Park hosts numerous music and dance performances, as well as mesmerizing culinary events.

Dingli Rocks. No, you’re not at the end of the world, even if it seems like it. The Dingli cliffs outline a dramatic landscape that makes you think of the magnificence of nature. There is a place where you will not be able to find toilets and cafes, and also not a lot of buses. That’s why the best way to get here is by car or by taxi.

The Blue Grotto. If you have an appetite for impressive landscapes, the Blue Grotto has so much to offer. It has nothing to do with Blue Lagoon, being an ensemble of 7 caves situated on the southern coast of the island. The name is drawn from the way the light is reflected in the white sand on the bottom of the sea.

Gozo Island. Here’s yet another village worth checking out. It’s the perfect place to discover how Maltese people lived a few decades ago. Take more time to integrate in the quiet pace of life here and enjoy all the rural landscapes. In Gozo you will be able to discover the temples of Ggantija, the ta’Pinu sanctuary  and the Dwejra area.

Malta is a perfect holiday destination and it is definitely worth considering, especially as transport and accommodation are very affordable.

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