Discover Some of the Most Luxurious and Unique Hotels in the Midst of Nature

When we start planning our next trip, choosing the right hotel is often based on several factors, ranging from price to star rating and services. But one of the aspects that many of often think about is the location of the hotel, and the natural beauty surrounding it. Some hotels are situated in beautiful natural surroundings, and usually this causes the prices to go up.

Check out our list of ten of the most luxurious hotels located in a wonderful natural setting.

The CSky Hotel offers you an escape to a beautiful landscape offered by the Santorini Island, and here you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the volcano and Aegean islands. This luxurious 5-star hotel features an outdoor pool with a restaurant and a bar.

Located on California‘s Big Sur slopes, Post Ranch Inn offers romantic accommodation for those who like to spend their honeymoon or with their loved ones. The luxurious design of this hotel perfectly suits the fairytale natural environment of the Big Sur coastal area. From here you can explore all nature has to offer, or you make a short trip to the nearby small cities.

Jade Mountain is a 24-room hotel located in the famous Anse Chastanet resort on the Saint Lucia Island. The place here is really enchanting, and you can enjoy amazing landscapes here, featuring volcanic rocks and amazing sights of the Caribbean sea. Each accommodation has a bedroom, a living room and a private pool.

St. George Hotel offers you the opportunity to discover the Potala Palace which is very near, just one minute away. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring great views of Lhasa. Don’t forget to check out the hotel’s spa – they will offer you amazing services, bearing the imprint of the unique Tibetan spirit.

In order to access the Omnia Zermatt Hotel, you need to pass through a tunnel in the center of Zermatt, Switzerland and then take a lift that with which you’ll climb the rock on top of which the hotel is loocated. It is an astonishing 45-meter high construction, rising 1600 meters above sea level.

Six Senses Hideaway is located on the shores of Ninh Van Bay in Vietnam. The bay’s stunning rock formations overlook the China Sea in a truly picturesque way. In addition to white sandy beaches, huge mountains just behind the hotel and other beautiful landscapes in the proximity, here you will find a magnificent blending of the wonders of nature with those created by man. This site features an architectural style that reflects the unique Vietnamese culture.

The Qasr Al Sarab Desert Hotel in Anantara is surrounded by colorful dunes and a beautiful valley offering views which seem to be taken right out of a dream. Archaeological research has identified in the Qasr Al Sarab area traces of life dating back more than 9000 years ago. The hotel is a 90-minute drive from Abu Dhabi.

Machu Picchu Sanctuary is located 3,000 meters above sea level and is the only hotel in the area that overlooks the Machu Picchu Castle. Here you will get a chance to relax in a magical place that you’ll always remember. The ancient Machu Picchu castle is one of the most important landmarks in the world’s cultural heritage. The hotel’s strategic location features stunning, romantic sunsets, so make sure you don’t miss out on them!

Explora en Patagonia lodge is a wonderful hotel, unique from an architectural point of view, located in Chile. It is located in a nature reserve featuring waterfalls, glaciers, forests and granite rocks, stretching over more than 2,000 meters above the Patagonia plains. The hotel has 50 luxurious and modern rooms and suites, with spacious windows that will offer you stunning views at every moment.

The Enchantment Hotel is located in Sedona, Arizona. The sitestretches over 30 hectares and offers 218 rooms, all showcasing views of the surrounding countryside.

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