The Most Beautiful Tropical Beaches in Bali

Bali is Indonesia’s small tropical island, located between the islands of Java, Lombok and Sumatra, and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. There are thousands of pictures of the paradise on earth here, featuring a variety of exotic beaches of rare beauty, and more than 10,000 Hindu temples. For more than a century, the beaches of this magnificent Indonesian province fascinate travelers, some with beautiful white sands resembling those of the Maldives, while some other islands have black sands that point to the volcanic past of the island.

Whatever you are looking for, Bali has plenty of beaches that will suit your taste.

Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is full of hotels and luxury places, and many American and European companies have invested in this place. It is close to the airport and has modern resorts, offering tourists a wide range of activities suitable for anyone: those who are traveling alone, families or even the elderly.

Despite its reputation as a crowded tourist destination, Kuta Beach has preserved a lot o itsf pre-colonial charm to this day, and is a great place to enjoy sunsets. In addition, the mix of luxury required by 21st century tourists and the unique atmosphere of Indonesian culture in the 19th century is very delightful.

Legian Beach.One of the most popular beaches in Bali in recent years, Legian attracts visitors with its gentle and white sand that looks just like snow, but especially with its waves just perfect for surfing, being the favorite destination for water sports practitioners alongside the Balangan beach in Uluwatu. Less crowded than Kuta, Legian Beach has everything a tourist needs for a day of relaxation. In addition to the beach, there are numerous small shops, restaurants and cafes here, as well as spas, bars and clubs.

Padang Padang Beach. This beach in South Bali is visited a lot by hippies and tourists who prefer simple and easy vacations without a lot of extravagance. As a small secret place, this beach is surrounded by rocks and coral reefs in an amazing natural environment. The waves of the Indian Ocean are very large in this area, so the beach is ideal for water sports, especially for windsurfing.

Amed Beach. Amed Beach is located in the eastern part of the island and is a favorite of marine life and diving enthusiasts, in the eastern part of the island, away from tourist resorts. Unlike other beaches, the sand in Amed is rather dark, but the real beauty of this destination is not on the beach – but rather underwater. It is a true paradise for divers, both in flora and fauna with a variety of reef species, fish and marine mammals that are extremely interesting.

Pandawa Beach. If you are looking for a wonderful beach, with white sand and turquoise waters, the Pandawa Beach is the perfect destination for you. Located on the South Kutuh Island, this beach is ideal for relaxing days when all you have to do is sit under an umbrella with a cocktail in your hand and enjoy the waves of the Indian Ocean. In addition, just a few hundred meters away, you can explore some beautiful artificial caves which host the five Pandawas statues, which further proves that this beach is not just about landscapes, but also rich in culture.

Alongside the beaches, Bali also houses many temples, historic monuments, resorts and volcanoes that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.

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