The Most Amazing Beaches You Should Visit in Crete

If you are considering going to the Greek islands for your summer vacation, we recommend you a stay in Crete. The famous island of Crete, considered to be the “Island of Zeus”, the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, has many wonderful beaches that may just become your favorite places!

Do you want to relax? Are you passionate about water sports? Want to dive into the depths to explore marine life? Or do you just want to sit under the sun on a chair with a cocktail in your hand?

Regardless of your style of travel, you will find at least one beach in Crete to suit your taste.

Elafonisi Beach. Elafonisi is known as the “pink beach” and is the favorite of most travelers who wish to explore the beauty of Crete. From a distance, the sand does not look really pink, but the closer you get to the water it starts to get a very interesting rose color. Although it is very popular thanks to its generous size, only the beach is always airy and not very crowded.

Balos Lagoon. The famous Balos beach is located about 50 km from Chania and 17 km from Kissamos, somewhere between Gramvousa and Tigani. It is definitely the most photographed beach in Crete, and is also an indispensable place in all Greek tours. It is not surprising that Prince Charles and Princess Diana have visited Balos with their own yacht for many years in a row.

Vai Beach. In the northeast of the island of Crete, in the region of Lassithi, there is a gorgeous beach called Vai. What makes this remarkable place so unique is that it is surrounded by the largest palm forest in Europe, consisting of about 5,000 trees. The soft sand, clean water and natural beauty make Vai Beach a welcoming place for families.

Falassarna Beach. Falassarna is one of the largest beaches in western Crete, located a short distance from the town of Kisamos. It is an ideal place for families with young children thanks to the organized facilities and soft sands. It is also a great beach for surfing, being in fact one of Greece’s most sought after places for all sports enthusiasts. In addition, here is where you’ll find the archaeological site of the Ancient Falassarna, which we recommend visiting if you want to learn more about the secrets of this part of the island.

Matala Beach. Matala is a small beach town on the southern coast of Crete, which used to be very famous in the 1960s. At that time many tourists came here to spend a few days, or even months, in the caves above the beach and enjoy the natural beauty that this place was blessed with. The small coastal city grew as a tourist resort, attracting more and more visitors because of its unique soft white sands and gorgeous landscapes.

Other notable beaches include Preveli Palmgrove, Kedrodasos, Bali, Agiofarago, Stavros, Rodakino, Marithi, Plakias and Seitan Limania. All of them are beautiful places worth visiting. Visit Crete to experience the splendor of the land that Zeus loved so much!

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