Learn about the most beautiful tourist attractions in Jamaica


Blessed with beaches with bright white sand, waters of all shades of blue and a diverse and interesting culture, Jamaica is one of the favorite destinations for travelers exploring the Caribbean. Moreover, this island country has a warm climate throughout the year, making it a great holiday destination both in the summer months and during the cold season.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494, Jamaica is best known for its large number of picturesque mountains. But visitors exploring its lands have many more pleasant surprises! Besides being able to visit its natural wonders and spectacular scenery, they can practice scuba diving, windsurfing and snorkeling. Also, there is the possibility of visiting the Spanish Town, the former capital of the country, visit the famous Bob Marley Museum and you can indulge in Jamaican culinary goodies, renowned worldwide for their unique flavors.

There are so many attractions in Jamaica, so many interesting places to visit and so many things to do that you could never see and do everything in a vacation of just two or three weeks – but you will definitely have a great time!

Here are the tourist attractions you should not miss when visiting Jamaica:

Doctor Cave Beach, Montego Bay. It became famous in the early 1920s, when the news spread that the water around it has medicinal powers. Doctor’s Cave Beach is today one of the most popular attractions on the island, attracting visitors from all corners of the world with its white sand and its crystalline blue waters. Although it is quite peaceful most of the time, the beach is crowded when the cruise ships visit it, and passengers flock to bathe in its conquering waters, thinking it may have some of its healing powers.

Luminou lagoon. A true wonder of nature, this is a natural pool that is part of an incredible phenomenon due to the microorganisms that live in its water. At night, these microorganisms shine, giving it a very bright phosphorescent color. It is said that there are only three such lagoons in the whole world, and this is by far the most famous! Being so rare and spectacular, it would be a shame not to visit it if you arrive on Jamaican beaches!

Negril Beach (Seven Mile Beach). Imagine a dazzling white sand, incredibly clear water in the color of turquoise blue and stunning sunsets – this is Seven Mile Beach, also known as Negril. Located just over an hour from Montego Bay, it’s no wonder that this paradise beach is one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions!

It is home to one of the largest reefs in the Caribbean, a lot of palm plantations and some of the best resorts and restaurants in the country. So, it is your choice whether you are kayaking on the sparkling water, scuba diving, scuba diving or snorkeling in search of the most colorful corals or quietly enjoying a coconut or delicious traditional Jamaican food with a his cool Red Stripe.

Bob Marley Museum. Located in Kingston, this used to be the home of the great singer. We all know that Bob Marley was the greatest Raggae singer and is the best known music legend in Jamaica, so a visit to his former home should be at least interesting. Inside the museum, you’ll find some of Marley’s most treasured assets and memories. At the same time, the museum houses the artist’s recording studio, now transformed into an exhibition hall, as well as a cafe where the famous Marley coffee and a gift shop are sold.

Martha Brae River, Falmouth. Rafting with bamboo floats on the Martha Brae River is one of the most popular tourist activities in Jamaica. The trip takes visitors on a peaceful stroll to explore the island’s natural flora and fauna, led by an expert guide through some of nature’s most breathtaking landscapes.

The Blue Mountains. Jamaica is famous for its coffee plantations, waterfalls, lush tropical forests and the exotic plants it hosts, but also for hosting one of the highest mountain ranges in the Caribbean. Thus, the Blue Mountains are an attraction not to be missed. In the gigantic mountain range, named for the blue color it seems to have from a distance, you will meet the extraordinary Jamaican bamboo (a kind of bamboo that blooms every 33 years), hummingbirds, butterflies Papilio homerus (the second the largest butterfly in the world), the Jamaican boa, the yellow-tailed parrot, the top Jamaican frog and many other fascinating species of animals and plants.

Sunken Pirate City. Located at the opening of the Kingston Harbor, it once had the reputation of being the richest city in the world. However, the massive earthquake of 1692 destroyed most of the city, sending parts of it into the sea. Today, most of the remains of the 17th century city are under 40 meters in water and are explored by hundreds of archaeologists and divers, but can also be visited by tourists with specialized guides.

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