World’s top 10 restaurants

Do you know the world’s most popular places to eat, the most innovative new restaurants and what they have to offer? Here is our list of the best restaurants around the world. If you fancy exquisite dining, make sure to check them out!

Coya, London – United Kingdom

The Coya restaurant brings the spirit of Latin America to the heart of London, with a wonderful cooking and dining experience, specifically from the traditional Peruvian cuisine. Sanjay Dwivedi spent a year traveling to South America to find inspiration for the menu of his luxurious restaurant. You can enjoy traditional dishes here such as cheviche, tiradito and anticuchos.

Ekstedt, Stockholm – Sweden

Chef Niklas Ekstedt is the author of four cookbooks and is host to two famous television shows. Nevertheless, he always feels good while he is working in the kitchen. The restaurant carrying his name reinvents the primitive way of cooking, where all the elements of the menu are cooked directly on the fire, just as our ancient ancestors used to do.

Faviken Magasinet, Järpen- Sweden

The restaurant is located on a farm, right in the center of a village, and all the products here are completely natural and very tasty. Although it opened in 2008, the restaurant came to the top after the chef issued an amazing book containing recipes from various kitchens around the world.

Tanta, Barcelona – Spain

A restaurant that mixes Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, where chef Gaston Acurio prepares exquisite dishes for his customers. It has a cozy and exotic atmosphere at the same time, and it feels just as if you were having dinner in the middle of nature.

Le Dame de Pic, Paris – France

Truly an amazing restaurant, Anne-Sophie Pic opened this place wishing to offer a truly sensual experience for everyone who enters here. Without a doubt, she succeeded in doing so.

Lola, Singapore

Another beautiful place which turns having dinner with complete strangers into a wonderful activity. The restaurant is based on vegetarian foods.

Mission Chinese Food in New York

A table in this restaurant is like a real party, with very good food and music. The atmosphere here is extremely special and cozy.

State Birds Provisions, San FranciscoCalifornia

This restaurant has a very cool concept, with a very passionate couple who turned their love for cooking into a business. They offer unforgettable dinners for anyone who enters this restaurant.

The Paris, Los Angeles California

In a very stylish atmosphere inspired by the 1930’s, The Parish is the most popular and crowded Los Angeles restaurant. With a seasonal menu combining Indian and British culinary culture, we guarantee you’ll have a great experience here.

Grace, Chicago

Chef Curtis Duffy is all about elegance and fine dining. Everything is well prepared here, and the workers are working with great precision and professionalism. Meals here are often described as the best in town.

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