Amazing less popular places to discover in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, a city where people work hard to keep it green and clean. The charming city with Scandinavian atmosphere, picturesque streets, great public transport and lots of art galleries. The capital of Denmark is a destination that all travel enthusiasts should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Although most tour guides invite you to visit the Little Mermaid statue, inspired by the story of Hans Christian Andersen, the colorful canals of Nyhavn, the gorgeous Tivoli Gardens theme park and the Amalienborg and Christiansborg palaces, the true spirit of Copenhagen is hidden in some much underrated places.

Below you will find a list of some of the most beautiful hidden gems worth visiting in Copenhagen, and worthy of attention just like the goals and major attractions in the city.

Royal Library Gardens. The magnificent Christiansborg Palace is currently home to the Danish Parliament. But behind it is the Royal Library Garden, another delightful tourist attraction. This green oasis is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon if you want to take a break from the urban noise, with beautifully decorated alleys, multicolored flower beds, various statues and a copper sculpture in the middle of the central swimming pool. waterfalls leak.

The largest collection of beer bottles in the world. The Carlsberg Brewery in the capital of Denmark is home to the largest collection of beer bottles in the world, a collection originally created by a boy named Leif Sonne. He started collecting beer bottles of all styles and from all countries since 1968, and at present the collection has more than 22,000 pieces.

Queen Louise’s Bridge. The lake in central Copenhagen can be crossed on a splendid bridge, built between 1885 and 1887. Named Queen Louise’s Bridge, it was built with the purpose of reducing car traffic and promoting cycling and walking, so it can be used only by pedestrians and cyclists. Crossing the Queen Louise Bridge you can feel the spirit of Copenhagen best. Locals love to meet here and enjoy a tasty coffee or cold beer while relaxing on the banks that litter the edges of the bridge.

The other Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid, the iconic bronze statue created by Danish-Icelandic sculptor Edvard Eriksen, is one of the most visited attractions in all of Denmark.

Blue Planet. The gigantic aquarium that is home to over 20,000 species of marine and ocean creatures, including hammerhead sharks, sea lions and piranhas, is one of the city’s biggest attractions, though not many foreigners have yet learned of its existence. With a spectacular vortex-like architecture, inspired by the circulating currents of a jacuzzi, the Blue Planet was inaugurated in 2013 to replace the old national aquarium of the 1930s. Futuristic, with ambient music in every room and with blue lights swinging. In creating an underwater feeling, the fascinating Blue Planet aquarium is definitely worth a visit even if you are not passionate about marine life.

Try visiting Copenhagen from a different perspective. Find the spirit, socialize with the locals and immerse yourself in the Scandinavian culture and the clean way of life of the Danes. Copenhagen will bring a breath of fresh air in your life!

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