Here’s What You Need to Know When Visiting Mauritius

Mauritius is filled with abundant forests and surrounded by palm trees, magnificent white sands and multicolored coral reefs. The island attracts many travel enthusiasts, making thousands of people travel here every year.

Located on the east of Madagascar and south of the Equator, this tourist paradise is a true African jewel and is somewhat different from European destinations. which is why it would be good to get some information before visiting. Here are some tips that you should connsider when traveling to the magnificent Mauritius:

Getting a Visa: When you enter the country, you will receive a valid 3-month residence permit. You can also get a longer stay with a valid passport and proof of return ticket.

Weather – Climate in Mauritius: The tropical climate is pretty much unpredictable at times. Wet conditions are triggered by southeast wind. Because the island’s topography is very diverse, it is likely to rain in the highlands while the coast is usually sunny and warm. Temperatures range between 19 ° C and 30 ° C throughout the year and rarely fall below 17 ° C. The warm season usually lasts from the beginning of December until the beginning of April, where average daily temperatures exceed 29 degrees Celsius. The winter or dry season runs from May to October, which is the best time to visit the island, because the weather is almost perfect, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. During the summer season, there is more rain and humidity.

Although Mauritius is a very safe destination for holidays, you should expect to meet all kinds of tourist traps along the way.

It is recommended to buy water from local shops, because the price of water in hotels is almost double. The price of bottled water ranges from INR 30 to INR 600 by weight and location.

Do not indulge in the beautiful words of taxi drivers who promise to take you to the most beautiful and exotic beaches. This is a major trap for tourists, because taxi drivers will not only ask for huge sums of money but they also get paid to transport foreign visitors to areas less frequented by tourists. Avoid them as much as possible and try instead to resort to travel guide services.

What to do in Mauritius

Mauritius is famous for its aromatic wines, and has a very rich history in this domain. You’ll find here a lot of factories open to visitors, one of the most famous being Rhumerie de Chamarel.

Take a stroll on the turquoise waters around the island by boat, eat some barbecue and try out local drinks. This is an experience that every visitor should prioritize on his itinenrary when visiting Mauritius!

Visit the local markets: Local markets are places where you can find the best street food and lots of souvenirs to buy for your loved ones.

Spend a day in Port Louis: Port Louis is the capital and largest city in Mauritius, and it is also a huge tourist attraction.

Swim with the dolphins: another unique experience that you can try in Mauritius. There are many travel companies that offer tourists such experiences. You can even swim with wild dolphins deep in the ocean, although this is not highly recommended.

Try out snorkelinng near Le Morne. Le Morne is one of the best places in the world for diving or snorkeling, with a very varied and colorful marine life.

Visit a temple: There are many truly magnificent Hindu temples on the island of Mauritius, especially in the Grand Lake.

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