5 Traditional Dishes that You Must Try on your Trip to Egypt


When we think of Egypt, the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the Pharaohs who ruled this land for thousands of years, mysterious hieroglyphs, mummies, ancient temples, magnificent Red Sea beaches and the Mediterranean Sea come to mind. But when we think about Egyptian food, we do not know much about the traditional dishes served in this part of the world. Egyptian food is not well known, in fact. However, these recipes are an important part of Egyptian culture and must be explored when you reach this unique place.

In this article we offer you 5 of the most delicious traditional dishes in Egypt:

Koshari. It is one of the most traditional Egyptian foods and is commonly found on almost all popular streets in Egypt, both at street food shops and restaurants. The preparation consists of several layers of rice, macaroni, lentils and chickpeas, over which caramelized onion is sprinkled with red sauce and garlic. Koshari is a low-cost food that will fill your stomach and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Aish Baladi. A fluffy bread made of 100% whole grain, generally wheat or Emmer. You will find this amazing dish throughout Egypt, and every bite will feel like it’s much better than the last one. It is the ideal food to buy on the street when you feel hungry but do not want to stop at a restaurant.

Ful Medammes. This is the most common breakfast preparation, being considered a basic part of every traditional Egyptian diet. Ful Medammes is made from beans cooked with oil and salt. The beans are let to soak overnight, and the next day cooked for a few hours on a small fire in an “idra” until the peel of beans is removed. It is found in most of Cairo‘s street food shops, but also in restaurants, being served both for breakfast as a sandwich, and throughout the other parts of the day, combined into a plate of eggs, cheese and pita.

Fattah. Fattah is popular throughout the Middle East, but each country prepares it a little differently. In Levant, for example, it is made with garbanzo yogurt and beans, but in Egypt, fattah does not have any of these ingredients. In the land of pharaohs, Fattah is a preparation made of rice with pieces of toast, garlic, tomato sauce and lamb or beef.

Kabab wa kofta. No list of traditional Egyptian dishes would be complete without Kofta! This kind of meat-based dish is sometimes called the Egyptian Quail. It is made of lamb, beef, onion, garlic, spices and fresh mint. The meat is chopped and mixed with the other ingredients, and can be boiled directly on the grill without sauces. It is usually served with lettuce and, of course, with the irresistible Egyptian pita.

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