Discovering the Kingdom of Ice – Visiting Iceland in 5 days

The second coldest country in Europe, Iceland is one of the most loved vacation destinations of all times. For any kind of travelers, no matter what you enjoy doing the most on your trips, there is at least one place on Iceland’s map that you need to check out.

From beautiful natural landscapes, to stunning cities that one has to visit in his lifetime, we would like to present all the tourist attraction that you can, and should, visit on a 5-day trip around the island.

Day 1

Since this is the first impact with this beautiful country, let’s start with something characteristic to it – its geysers. Although they can also be visited through guided tours or organized tourist trips, in order to enjoy these wonders of the world at their best, we recommend you to rent a car.

Iceland is well-known for its geysers, and it is no wonder that this place attracts hundreds of tourists every day. Get ready for one of the most unique experiences in your life, and don’t forget to pack your camera.

The geyser area of Iceland is situated towards the country’s southern area, close to the capital city – Reykjavik.

Day 2

Let’s continue our adventure with a very popular area, also known as the “Golden Circle”. You have the chance to visit the Thinvellir village and the Gullfoss Cascade, which is one of the most known tourist attractions in Iceland. It is an extremely beautiful and unique waterfall, and it is somehow magical, because its edge is not visible, and it seems like the river is simply vanishing inside Earth’s core.

Take all the time needed and enjoy the stunning landscapes on the road. Again, one of the advantages you have if renting a car is that you can stop at any time to admire an area for a longer time. Another great factor is that you can easily detour from the most popular areas to discover some places lesser known to tourists.

Day 3

If you’ve always dreamed to walk on magical beaches or to admire the icebergs through your own eyes, then this will be your favorite day. After relaxing on the black beaches of Vik, you can lose yourself discovering some special places nearby, that will make you very happy to have reached the beautiful Iceland.

Amongst the tourist attractions you can visit in this area are the numerous cascades surrounding the areas. After you leave behind the unique beaches of Vik, it’s time for the peak of our trip – the Jokulsarlon lake. You will find that its perfectly blue waters are filled with amazing icebergs from the nearby glaciers. It is no wonder that many consider this lake to be the most spectacular glacial lake in Iceland.

Day 4

In the morning of the fourth day, we’d recommend walking or driving around as much as you can and discovering less crowded places. Simply allow your curiosity to guide you to many interesting places.

Towards the afternoon, head to Reykjavik. Here you’ll have a chance to spend the last evening of your journey to Iceland, and find out why the locals are so happy to be living in the beautiful capital of Iceland.

Pick a restaurant that you like – there’ll be plenty of these, and most of them are very tourist-friendly – and enjoy dinner and a night out in this fairytale-like city.

Day 5

If you have enough time before your flight, you can visit some of the museums of Reyjkavik. Socialize with few locals if you get a chance to, they are known to be amongst the calmest, pacifist and loving people on Earth. The crime rate in Reykjavik is so low that people aren’t afraid to leave their houses unlocked, even during the night.

Before heading to the airport, make sure to visit the famous Blue Lagoon, the geothermal complex that is situated right in between the capital and the airport.

We hope we managed to get you interested to visit Iceland, and that you’re already considering planning a trip. If you love travelling as much as we do, this country is guaranteed to not disappoint you. Make sure you bring a jacket, though!

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