A Visit to Japan And Its Beautiful Landscapes


Last year, Japan attracted more than 25 million visitors. The beautiful Asian country, which combines ancient culture with magnificent landscapes, is a never-ending source of inspiration and tranquility for anyone who likes to travel. Over the past three years, the number of visitors to Japan has more than doubled.

In this article we’ll go through the most important reasons that make Japan a favorite destination for travelers around the world.

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The most beautiful petals.

The cherry blossom season is extremely popular for both Japanese people and visitors. Spring is one of the most preferred times by travelers to visit this beautiful country. The autumn also attracts many visitors, when the forest leaves turn into mesmerizing shades of red and gold.

Tokyo’s Disneyland

In Tokyo you will find one of the largest US entertainment exports, with a Disneyland theme park located just close to the capital, at Urayasu. The park opened in 1983 and was the first Disney park to be established outside the United States. Those who are die-hard animation fans can visit the Ghibli Studio, an interactive museum which showcases the most important, respected, Oscar-winning movies of Japan, such as Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Take a nice “bath” in the forests.

As surprising as it may sound, the forest “bathing” that we are referring to does not involve any water or actual bathing. Shinrin-yoku means spending some in the forest and appreciating it, for various health reasons. According to countless Japanese studies, forest bathing can strengthen immune systems, reduces stress hormones, and boosts mental strength and brain health. One report even claims that it can reduce blood sugar levels among diabetics.

Holy Deer

Even if visiting temples is not really your kind of activity, the temple of “Nara” should still be among your priorities on your trip to Japan. The huge Todaiji temple here is not only astonishing because of its enormously sized wooden doors, columns and halls, the 15-meter bronze Buddha statues, but also because of the friendly white-tailed deer that hang out near the outside walls.

Live like a monk

Koyasan is a sacred mountain village covered with cedars, home to more than a hundred temples. As a tourist, we recommend you to spend a night in one of the so-called temple-inns, just like a Buddhist monk!

The experience also includes a monk’s dinner, breakfast and waking up at dawn for a morning meditation session, and practicing various sacred rituals. You can also visit the tomb of Kobo Daishi, founder of the cult and lit by hundreds of lamps.

There is no doubt that the launch of the name of the planet of Japan in this country reflects the extent of Japan reached the level of technology has never before. At the same time, it never failed to preserve the original, traditional culture that Japanese civilization has represented over hundreds of years.

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