Awesome Sights You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Your Trip to the Dominican Republic

When you think of the Dominican Republic, you probably instantly think of the exotism of a dream holiday in the middle of the Caribbeans. Perhaps the most popular country in this much-desired destination, the Dominican Republic has become known to tourists around the world, particularly because of its fantastic beaches, “assorted” with all-inclusive resorts that offer quality services. Therefore, the towns of Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, La Romana and Samana are like a magnet for visitors from all over the world, not to mention the capital of Santo Domingo, a UNESCO heritage town.

In addition to the beaches, springs and five-star golf courses, the Dominican Republic has plenty of surprises for you: waterfalls, jungles, coral reefs, uninhabited islands, pine forests, mountaintops, and so much more. It is a varied ecosystem in which the possibilities of spending an unforgettable holiday are countless and suit all tastes. We have chosen seven landmarks and suggestions for your visit to the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the Dominican Republic, and its inhabitants have had the inspiration (and luck) to preserve their historical values very well. In the capital of the Dominican Republic you should visit the historic area called the Colonial Zone, where you will walk along the stone streets and admire the Spanish colonial architecture. Here you will find the first American cathedral, the Royal Houses Museum and Alcazar de Colon, the palace built in the 16th century by the son of Cristopher Columbus.

If you love museums, you definitely shouln’t miss visiting the Palace of Fine Arts, the Modern Arts Museum or the National Palace.

Punta Cana

Located in the east of the country, Punta Cana is probably the most famous resort of the Dominican Republic. Filled with a wide variety of exquisite hotels, Punta Cana abounds in beautiful beaches (Bavaro being, perhaps, the most beautiful) and golf courses. In Scape Park you can rent buggies for a stroll through the sand dunes and in the Hoyo Azul lagoon you can sink into the beautiful turquoise waters.

Playa Dorada

One of the most popular beaches in the Dominican Republic, is located on the north coast and is promoted as the number one holiday destination in the country. It has dozens of restaurants, a shopping center and a golf course.

La Romana

Located in the south-east of the country, a 16th-century craftsman, here you will be able to find the best traditional products made on the island. Here you will find the luxurious Casa de Campo complex, which features many luxury hotels, picturesque gardens, a horseback riding school and tennis courts. It is located in the south of La Romana Catalina Island, a port frequented by thousands of visitors daily.

Samana Peninsula and Samana Bay

Insulated beaches with palm trees, crystalline waters, beautiful marine animals – this is what you’ll find around Samaná bay (Bahia Samaná). However, the biggest attraction in the area are the whales coming here in January and February. In the park you will see a series of unique rocky marine formations, and also a variety of caves full of birds and cave drawings, such as Cueva del Angel. Another attraction not to be missed is the Salto El Limon waterfall and Playa Rincon, the one you often see in travel marketing pictures of the Dominican Republic.


Once you’re tired of beaches and ocean water, head over to the middle of the island, in the spectacular Jarabacoa, Central Cordillera (Central Mountains), to admire the pine forests, waterfalls and the highest mountain peaks of the Dominican Republic. Here you can raft on the rapid waters of the Yaque del Norte.

Eastern National Park

Part of the UNESCO heritage, Parque Nacional del Este is the perfect habitat for hundreds of plants and animal species, including 112 bird species, to which two “stars” are added: the rhinoceros iguana and crown dove. The reserve also includes one of the largest Caribbean marine parks, featuring huge coral reefs, four species of turtles, dolphins and numerous tropical fish species.

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