Discover Rovaniemi – the village of Santa Claus

As the winter holidays are coming, everyone longs for a wonderful holiday in the cold season. There are plenty of us who prefer to stay at home with family and friends – but many travelers prefer to go to amazing places that are only accessible in the cold white season.

If you are in the category of those who want to see a unique place and enjoy discovering legends to experience the Christmas experience, we recommend that you go to Rovaniemi, which is also called “The village of Santa Claus”.

Rovaniemi is the northernmost point in Finland and is one of the most beautifully decorated places in the world during the winter holidays. All the streets and all the constructions turn into a real show of light and the snowy fir trees, the reindeer sledges and the happy people outline the fairytale atmosphere.

Why choose Rovaniemi for a winter vacation?

There are plenty of reasons – simply the fact that it is called the city of Santa Claus village is enough to pay a visit to this amazing place. Legend has it that Santa Claus is here all year round, and here is also a post office where he receives messages from children around the world.

If you enjoy the spirit of Christmas, in this city you can meet Santa, you can write letters and discover the place where he spends his free time and where he produces toys and gifts for everyone.

Not only Santa can delight you in a visit to Roviniami. The city offers a lot of other objectives, some of which are extremely interesting:

The Arktikul Science Museum. It is a museum where you can discover the history of Lapland and the history of the entire Arctic area. It’s not just a museum and it might keep you fascinated all day. If you can’t see the Northern Lights due to weather conditions, in this museum you can enjoy a video that gives you almost the same experience.

Angry Birds Park. Do you like playing Angry Birds? In Roviniami there is a park dedicated exclusively to the game where you can unleash the child in you.

Food and drinks. In Rovaniemi there are some of the most interesting and unique restaurants around the world, and definitely worth checking and trying out the food there.

• Zoo. Unlike any zoo, it focuses specifically on wildlife in Finland. It’s a place where you’ll also be able to have a great time.

Aurora borealis. If you are lucky enough to arrive in Finland during the Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, you must not miss this extremely beautiful natural phenomenon. However, due to weather conditions there’s no guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights, which is why you should not only base your trip around this experience.

There are many other places to visit. Hotels here offer plenty of relaxing places and activities around Santa Claus that won’t make you bored. Sure, a holiday in this northern city of the world can be very expensive, but it will surely be a unique and memorable experience.

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