Check Out These Seaside Destinations for Summer 2019

The holidays and vacation season are getting closer and closer. As early bookings for the summer have already started, today we are going to show you some amazing seaside destinations around the world!

Destinations in Greece

Staying in Greece is one of the first choices for many seafood lovers. Although the opinions about Greece are divided, the Greek islands feature beautiful beaches and usually offer affordable prices. Today we will present you a few of these islands, located on the Greek coast. If you enjoy them, choose one as your next holiday destination!


Are you planning a holiday in Greece with your family? Santorini is one of the most romantic Greek islands one can find. Prices here are fairly reasonable, and the restaurants and hotels offer some of the most impressive experiences: infinity pools and rock-carved rooms where you can admire the most beautiful sunset in Europe.


One of the most sunny destinations in Greece is Zakynthos, an island abundant in olive trees, citruses and pine forests. Many tourists prefer the island of Zakynthos because it offers a lot of activities outside the hotel at very affordable and accessible prices.

However, an important thing to keep in mind if you want to plan a stay here is when you make the booking. The sooner, the better, since all-inclusive offers for holidays in Greece are among the favorites of travel lovers!

Seaside in Turkey

Turkey, the country belonging to two different continents, is without a doubt on the list of the most famous all inclusive stays. Besides the fact that the country is abundant in history and culture, the resorts on the Turkish coastline are on the list of preferred tourist destinations thanks to the quality, diversity and affordable prices of the offers and services provided to tourists.


The famous resorts in the Antalya region are a great choice if you want to enjoy a luxury vacation, with very attractive all inclusive offers!

In Antalya everyone will find a place to suit their needs. Mountain lovers will definitely choose a stay in Kemer, while those who prefer sand and beaches will always book a stay in Belek. Families with children and those looking for a lower budget holiday will usually choose to stay in either Side or Antalya.

Those for love the sea regardless of how the beaches look will feel great here and enjoy luxurious services, long walks and optional tours to historic places, and very good food and entertainment.


This tourist destination has turned into one of the most popular areas on the Turkish coast amongst tourists from all over Europe. Besides its cultural richness, Bodrum is famous for its sunny beaches and crystal clear waters, which certainly create a perfect recipe for a Turkey vacation.

Seaside in Bulgaria

In the last few years, many tourists around the world have begun to choose spending their holidays on the shores of the Bulgarian coast. This is understandable, as the seaside resorts in Bulgaria have offer a lot of unique features, and those who enjoy high quality all inclusive services will have a great time here.

Below we will try to provide our experience with the Bulgarian seaside, and present you some of its most famous resorts.

Sunny Beach

Many clubs and restaurants here offer tourists an unforgettable experience, with many entertainment events held here every day. The range of hotels you can choose from will easily suit all tastes and budgets.

In addition to the entertainment possibilities that Sunny Beach offers to you, other attractions that attract tourists are: the very long (up to 8 km) and wide beaches, the shallow water and the fact that the town of Nessebar – an oasis of peace and history – can be reached by taking a walk on the beach.


The Albena Resort is recommended for all age groups, but especially for families with children. If you want to enjoy a great holiday in Bulgaria with your children, Albena is the right place thanks to the amusement parks, slides and trains, and also to the low waters. You’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful vacation without having to be always worried that your child is getting bored!

Seaside in Romania


The Mamaia Resort is the largest resort on the Black Sea coast. Along the beaches here you can find many hotels offering unique sea views, cafes, restaurants and terraces that stay open until morning. The beach stretches over about 10 km and there are chairs and umbrellas everywhere that you can rent. You can practice all sorts of activities here, including diving, water skiing, and paragliding.

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