A list of some of the strangest hotels around the world


If you are attracted to adventures and thrills, you must visit one of these unique hotels, even for just one night.

Ice Hotel (Sweden): 6000 square feet of snow and ice

With more than 6,000 square feet of ice and snow, this hotel is the largest and most authentic ice hotel in the world. Guests sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a specially built bed of ice, on reindeer skins. After enjoying a warm sleep on your thermal bed, you will enjoy an awesome breakfast. With an average temperature of -8 ° C you should drink some vodka to keep yourself warm!

Graemacho Cave Hotel (Turkey): A cave in volcanic rock

Sleeping in a cave is surprisingly comfortable, according to the management of the Cave Hotel. The volcanic stone surrounding the cavern maintains a comfortable temperature between 17 and 20 ° C throughout the year. The cave itself was the place of the Byzantine monastic sanctuary, which dates back almost a thousand years.

Mount Gambier Hotel (Australia): A real prison

If you’ve ever spent a night in jail you, probably do not want to go back. However, for non-criminal travelers, the prison hotel in Australia is the right choice if you want see what sleeping in a prison feels like, without legal issues and being sentenced to court! This old prison on Mount Gambier has been converted into budget accommodation for tourists. Guests can eat here in the prisoners’ dining room, making for a really “authentic” prison experience!

Poseidon Submarine Resort (Fiji): Underwater Hotel

This hotel became open to visitors at the beginning of 2009, and is a luxurious resort offering a truly unique experience for tourists. The apartments are 12 meters underwater in Lake Fiji, and are accessible through an elevator. Guests are invited to interact with the surroundings. At the touch of a button, you can feed the fish, and a push of a switch starts the beautiful underwater glowing lights.

Capsule Inn (Tokyo): Capsules instead of rooms

Capsules Inn offers more of a capsule than a camera. While the hotel offers a relaxing public space including bathrooms, guests will sleep inside of a capsule. These capsules, made of reinforced plastic, have all the necessary facilities, such as TV, radio, lighting and access to an alarm clock.

Green Magic Tree Houses (India): Built in 30 m long trees

The Green Magic Tree Houses in Kerala, India are a real dream for adventurous lovers. The houses were built on 30 meter trees in a tropical forest. They are equipped with running water and private bathrooms, phones, and if you like adventures you can walk on the suspended bridge. All houses are made using environmental friendly materials and operate on alternative sources of energy, avoiding the use of conventional energy resource.

Exploranter (Brazil): hotel on wheels

Designed for adventurous travelers, although the place is modest, the Exploranter Hotel is fully equipped with facilities including a kitchen, hot water shower and 28 beds. It is based in Sao Paulo and frequently travels through Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The hotel also offers services for private themed parties such as hot air balloons, horse riding, rafting or vineyard visits.

McMenemins Hotel in Kennedy (United States): Back to school

The Kennedy School, a historic public school, has turned into a charming little place to stay when you visit the Portland area. Each room has an original classroom style, a writing desk and is equipped with a telephone, internet access and even a private bathroom.

Woodpecker Hotel (Sweden): One guest rooms

The Woodpecker Hotel is one of the smallest hotels in the world. It can accommodate only one guest or a couple, which makes sense if we consider it is a home built in a tree, 12 meters above a Swedish park. The tree house is not entirely rustic – it also features a small terrace and a hammock!

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