Why is September the best month to go to Greece?


September is a great month to go to the Greek regions, as the weather and sea temperatures are perfect during this time of year. Whether you are passionate about nature activities, ancient Greek culture or just want to relax at the beach, there is no better time to visit Greece than in September, when most travelers return home, and prices at all the tourist facilities begin to decline.

But let’s talk more about the main factors that should make you choose to visit Greece in the first month of autumn:

The weather. The climate in Greece is typical of Mediterranean countries, with mild and rainy winters, hot and dry summers and plenty of sun. However, there are regional variations. Winter is milder in the Aegean and Ionian Islands compared to the northern and eastern parts of mainland Greece. At the same time, the islands are wetter than the mainland of Greece.

At the beginning of September, in Athens it is still quite warm, but the heat of summer dissipates until the end of the month, although the average temperature will not fall below 24 degrees Celsius. So, expect plenty of sunshine in this first part of the month and excellent beach and swirling weather, with the average sea temperature being around 22 degrees Celsius.

In the Greek islands, temperatures are even higher in September. In Santorini, for example, the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and gradually decreases to an average of 22 degrees Celsius by the end of the month. Finally, it is well known that, in addition to being warm enough, Greece also enjoys 11 hours of sun a day in the first autumn month, thus being perfect for outdoor activities.

Costs and crowds. The first part of September is considered to be still in the tourist season, with quite a few visitors in most resorts and tourist areas. But the crowds dissipate until the third week, when most tourists begin to return home. Well, in this period, airline ticket prices and hotel rates are starting to fall, so if you want a holiday in Greece at a lower cost, September is definitely the best time.

Recommended places to visit in September: Because the temperatures are neither too high nor too low this month of the year, visiting the beaches and tourist attractions is more enjoyable and comfortable than ever. Mountain villages, such as Meteora, Zagori and Nafplio, are still quite warm, but perfect for hiking.

At the same time, September is excellent for visiting resorts on the Greek islands. The most popular, Santorini, Mykonos and Paros, continue to have interesting nightlife, but welcome visitors with lower prices at hotels and tourist facilities than in the summer months. And let’s not forget the quieter and less popular islands, such as Corfu, Poros and Rhodes. These, besides the fact that they have incredible beaches and interesting ancient vestiges, enjoy an excellent weather during September!

The first month of autumn also represents the peak of olive and grape harvest – a good time to focus on wine-producing regions such as Naoussa, Attica, Thesaly and Nafplio. And if, in the summer months, tourists in Greece stay away from outdoor activities as the sun is too hot, in September this is no longer the case! At this time, the weather is ideal a kayaking experience on the white waters around the Sporades Islands!

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