Why has Sri Lanka become one of the most visited countries in 2019?


According to the world’s largest travel guide, Lonely Planet, Sri Lanka was the best travel destination in 2019, followed by Germany and Zimbabwe. You may be wondering why a destination that until recently was not very popular managed to take first place in this top.

Well, Lonely Planet experts say that trips to this small island off the south coast of India have become much easier since the end of the Civil War in 2009. And from then on, Sri Lanka has changed a lot, extremely fast and in a variety of ways that make the whole journey much easier and more enjoyable.

Asia has long been a continent that travelers love to explore. But most tourist countries here, such as Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam, have become very crowded, so more and more visitors are expressing their desire to move away from them, in favor of less populated lands.

Sri Lanka, this hidden gem, once avoided because of the Civil War, is now being discovered, amazing its tourists with an amazing natural beauty, an incredible wildlife and friendly locals.

Want to visit Sri Lanka? Here’s what we recommend for when you get there:

Go on a safari! Have you ever dreamed of going on safari, but haven’t had the opportunity or money to invest in an adventure in the heart of Africa? Sri Lanka is an equally wild land in the wild, being populated by a lot of monkeys, leopards and elephants. Udawalawe, Yala and Wilpattu National Parks are just a few of the places where you can experience such an incredible experience.

Hiking and activities in the heart of nature – if you are passionate about trekking, then you cannot miss a hike to the top of Sigiriya. Climbing itself is not difficult in any way, but humidity can be an impediment. The entire climb takes a few hours, so be sure to stock up on a generous bottle of water and a few snacks.

Other outdoor activities you can do in Sri Lanka are surfing, cycling and mountaineering. This is a country renowned for its natural beauty, so enjoy its landscapes as much as possible!

Visit its beaches! Sri Lanka prides itself with about 1300 kilometers of tropical coastline and a lot of beaches with a scenery that seems to be detached from Heaven. These include Mirissa, Tangalle and the Gulf of Arugam. Arugam Bay is a paradise for surfers, who are seen here daily riding the waves of the Indian Ocean. After the sun sets, outdoor movies are screened on the beach, and the bars come alive, filling up with the refusal of visitors to come out to relax and enjoy a romantic evening.

Try traditional foods! Spicy curry, fresh exotic fruits and coconut water are just the beginning! The tropical climate provides this country with a rich production of fish, vegetables and delicious fruits. Among the most popular dishes in Sri Lanka are halapa, curry rice, rice noodles with egg, grilled shark and hopper.

Socialize with the locals! In Sri Lanka you will find people who are friendlier and warmer than anywhere else. Talk to cab drivers, waiters in restaurants or street people and ask them about their culture. They will be happy to reveal as much about their country as possible!

Sri Lanka is a fascinating land, with strong ancient traditions, wild life still untouched by civilization and with incredible beaches! A visit here will give you only beautiful experiences and memories!

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