What to Do in Hamburg – the Largest Coastal City in Germany


If Hamburg is not on your list of places to visit in Germany, you should probably add it. This coastal city has something for everyone, no matter if you are passionate about history, looking for a new culture or shopping sessions.

Most travelers plan to visit Berlin, Bavaria or even the Black Forest when they arrive in the German lands. These are indeed fantastic places to visit, but Germany has much more to offer. Located on the Elbe River, 110 kilometers from the mouth of the North Sea, Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, has its own personality and deserves a stay for at least a few days.

Here are the main tourist attractions in this city:

Elbphilharmonie. Few cities have so many modern architectural symbols like Hamburg. The new Philharmonic, Elbphilharmonie, became a symbol of the city before opening its doors. The building was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and has a spectacular, wave-like facade that can be seen from a distance. The Great Hall of the building has an impressive acoustic, among the best in Europe, being located 50 meters above the water level. In addition to the concert halls, the complex includes a hotel and several dwellings.

Schanzenviertel. In the evening, the favorite place of locals and tourists is the Schanzenviertel district. The central street, Schulterblatt, is the perfect combination of bars, clubs and modern architecture. This place is particularly vibrant during the summer months. For a great cocktail, we recommend Saal II and Vier Vier Fäuste.

Karo Beach. As soon as the first signs of summer arrive to this cold city in northern Germany, the beaches along the Elbe River become a favorite place to visit by locals who are looking for sunshine, relaxation and some drinks.

The numerous beach clubs near the water in Hamburg are ideal places to have fun, but in recent years a new, spacious and less noisy beach has been developed in the area and is ideal for a quiet afternoon. This is the Karo Beach. is located in St. Petersburg.

Spice Museum. On a rainy day you can head to Speicherstadt, one of the largest warehouses in the world, with wooden buildings. It is a place known for its long rows of red brick buildings, where you will also find the Gewürzmuseum and the Spice Museum. Once you get there you will be attracted to the smell of dozens of exotic spices and culinary plants. You will also learn everything about the history of spices, how to store them, and how to use them in the kitchen.

Fish market. The Hamburg Fish Market is a traditional market extremely vibrant on Sunday mornings. Here you will find all kinds of seafood you may think of, flowers, clothes and many other interesting things. The market opens early, at 5 AM, and closes after just a few hours at 9:30 AM. Even if you do not like fish, you should come here at least to watch the spectacular sunrises over the Norderelbe River.

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