What to do in a city break in Zagreb


Zagreb is the capital of a country linked to incredibly beautiful beaches and lush islands. Although most tourists prefer the sunny Adriatic coast, in Dubrovnik and in the magnificent Plitvice Lakes region,  Zagreb is an amazingly interesting place with cultural attractions all around, with a bohemian vibe and great prices.

Moreover, Zagreb is the perfect destination for a city break. Here’s why:

It houses unique tourist attractions. 

In the capital of Croatia there are several objectives worth noting, which offer that wide photogenic blast that we look for on each trip. St. Mark’s Church and its roof with colorful tiles is probably one of the most recognizable places in Zagreb, but you must not miss the impressive Lotrščak Tower, from where you can admire the picturesque image of the city from above, drawn by the red roofs of the buildings. The Dolac pedestrian square in the center of the city is also worth visiting, offering a colorful picture of the daily life of the locals. 

It has an amazing coffee culture.

Although many travelers dream of drinking an espresso in Milan or enjoying the traditional sand coffee in the Turkish lands, Croats are actually specialists in making excellent coffee. In Zagreb, in particular, the coffee culture is extremely heavy, manifesting not only through delicious drinks, but also through a wide range of beautiful cafes, with very interesting decorations. If you want to visit a cafe that is great for Instagram pictures, go to the Jutro cafe, where you will enjoy a very nice atmosphere and a delicious coffee. Another option would be Velvet Cafe, a cooler but more refined place with a superb design. 

It is a city full of green spaces.

If you love to unwind by strolling through the shady alleys of public gardens, Zagreb is the perfect place for you! In the center of the city you will find a lot of parks and. Buy yourself some food and sit comfortably on the grass or on a bench in the lush green of the park, watching the locals. A recommendation would be King Tomislav Square (Trg Kralja Tomislava), located right in front of the central station. Spring, under the scent of flowering trees, is simply splendid! 

The food is great!

While the cuisine along the Croatian coast is known for its Mediterranean flair and fresh seafood, Zagreb’s culinary offerings are slightly different. The food scene here is as vibrant as it is diverse and appetizing.

One of the delights you have to enjoy is Štrukli from La Štruk. This Croatian specialty baked in several layers of dough with cheese, cream and sweet sauces, is perfect for both breakfast and lunch.

Other dishes we recommend are Sir i vrhnje (homemade cheese), Cuspajz (meat and vegetable soup) and Knedli (sweet potato pies stuffed with plum or apricot).

If you are now excited to go to a holiday in the capital of Croatia, look for good travel deals for this destination – you’ll find plenty of them!

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