Travel and Enjoy the Taste of Traditional Tea in These Places

If you could travel anywhere in the world, what destination would you choose? What type of place, city, or mountain would you like to discover? The possibilities are endless, so make your bags and let your soul decide the location!

Today we invite you to travel with us on a perfect holiday and discover amazing tea flavors in exotic destinations!

In China, the tea capital, the modern and the traditional blend perfectly, and the contrasts are more vivid than ever. A space of dreamy landscapes, temples, panda bears, and daring skyscrapers, with the Great Wall rising from between the mountains. When you want to feel the mysterious taste of China, try out a green oolong tea with a slightly sweet flavor. The tea leaves are left to partially oxidize and then twisted, which gives the tea a special taste. It is recommended to infuse it 3-5 times, and at every infusion the oolong tea, will change its taste like a chameleon!

For adventure enthusiasts, we recommend a safari in Africa, under the strong sun of the desert where you feel the pulse of wild nature while admiring giraffes, lions, or gazellas. Feed your explorer soul with the African Sun tea, with its rooibos green composition, whose sweet taste is blended with scented leaves of raspberry, raspberry and strawberry, anise, macaws and marigold flowers.

The land of colorful spices, India, lends some of its magic flavor to tea. We recommend a Chala Masala, a combination of black tea with spices and other spices: ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, fennel, anise. To get even better in the Indian atmosphere, add a drop of milk.

If you want a relaxing holiday to get out of the bustle of busy cities, retire for a few days on an island in Thailand, and relax in the clear, crystal clear waters, spoiling yourself with sunshine and lots of silence. Compliment your moments of meditation with the Temple of the Gods, a mix of white tea and green tea with exotic fruits.

English breakfast is the most popular tea in England. It helps you start off your day with a lot of energy so that you can see visit the beautiful country. Whether you choose to walk in the rain in London or go to the United Kingdom’s countryside, this tea is a trusted ally at all times.

If you are a fan of football, Brazil is the perfect destination for you, especially during the sporting events. We recommend you to try Yerba Mate Brazilian tea, a traditional South American drink, famous for its stimulating and energizing effect. And if football does not delight you, you can try out visiting the Rio Carnival or the fine sandy beaches, and dance to the stunning samba rhythms.

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