These are the Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions around the World

Some prefer beach holidays, but others do not even consider the trip unless it is full of crazy adventures. For this reason, today we will provide you with a list of some of the most beautiful, but also most dangerous tourist destinations in the world.

New Smyrna Beach – Florida

Florida’s New Smyrna Beach is known as “Shark Capital”, because the waters here are known for the large number of young sharks. However, a lot of tourists venture on its budget-friendly shores, despite the fact that around 250 shark attacks have been reported in the history of this beach.

Yosemite National Park – California

Yosemite National Park is one of the tallest and most dangerous highlands. It requires a full day trip to climb, and here travelers have to climb on metallic ropes to get to the top. There is a high risk of slipping off the cables, falling from the so-called “Stones of Death,” a bunch massive and slippery rocks, particularly deceptive in bad weather.

Cliffs of Moher – Ireland Clare County

The stunning Cliffs of Moher attract about one million visitors each year. The rocks, formed from shale and sandstone, overlook the Atlantic Ocean at an altitude of about 400 feet above the deep waters, providing fantastic but also dangerous views. There have been several reports of fatal falls, often caused by steep and uneven terrain, heavy rains and strong winds.

Kilauea and other active volcanoes – Hawaii

There are three active volcanoes in Hawaii, the most dangerous being the Kilauea volcano, on the big island. The most recent eruption of the volcano occurred in 1983, but in 2014 the population saw a lava flow from the Kelua volcano near the town of Pahoa. Nearly 40 deaths occur every 10 years due to the volcano, and their causes include a toxic mixture of gases that can be particularly dangerous for tourists who already suffer from asthma and / or heart disease.

Colorado River – Mexico and the United States

The Colorado River runs between the states of California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona, being part of the Grand Canyon. So it’s not surprising that local people and tourists often come here for recreational activities. However, those coming here sometimes fail to realize how dangerous the waters can be, especially after heavy rainfall and snow. Accidents resulting from drowning in the Colorado River are sometimes associated with a lack of awareness or lack of appropriate safety equipment.

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