The most visited places and attractions in Romania

Do you enjoy traveling and discovering new places every year? When traveling you have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, stunning landscapes and architecture, and find a lot of interesting things.

Here is a list of the five most visited attractions in Romania:

1. Peles Castle in Sinaia

The summer residence of the kings of Romania, built during the time of King Carol I, is Romania’s most important historic building, and has a truly unique character.

The palace is the most visited museum in the country. Every year tourists come from all over the world to visit this place that seems to have come out of the fairy tales that we’ve all read as young children. The castle is situated in a magnificent mountainous location, in the Peles Valley and surrounded by beautiful forests.

The exterior architecture of the building dates back to the German Renaissance style, and it bears the imprint of the new Italian Renaissance style. Inside there are elements of the New German Renaissance, but there are also rooms designed in different styles: Baroque, Rococo, Spanish-Moroccan, Turkish, etc.

The Hall of Honor, the Reception Hall, the Hall of Mirrors, the Great Arms Hall, the Imperial Apartment, the Concert Hall or the Turkish Hall are some of the rooms that impress any visitor who visit this castle.

The Peles Castle also draws attention with its amazing sculptures, wall decorations and unique decorative style. A very special room in the castle is the Royal Library, which contains rare books, covered in leather or even engraved in golden letters.

2. Corvin Castle

The medieval fortress of Hunedoara is an important monument of Gothic architecture in Romania. The construction provided with towers, bastions and a dungeon dates back to the 15th century. Today, the Corvin Castle is one of the top 10 fairytale destinations in Europe. So, stop overthinking and put it on your list of sights to visit in the country!

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3. Turda saline

The famous attraction in the province of Cluj-Napoca is a real museum of salt mining history. The salt mine is located in the Durgău – Salty Valley area of ​​Turda.

The Franz Josef Gallery, Iosif Mine, Rudolf Mine, Terezia Mine, recreation areas (swimming pool, spa, and even a saltwater underground lake where you rent a boat) and a modern spa treatment base are some of the attractions of Turda Saline.

4. The Alba Carolina Citadel

Located in the heart of the city of Alba Iulia, on Citadel Hill, the Alba Carolina Fortress has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania. The Museum and the Union Hall, the Route of the Three Fortifications, the changing of the guard, the religious buildings (the Orthodox Cathedral and the Roman Catholic Cathedral), the Saxon Bastion and the Arms Hall, the belvedere place from which you can admire the panorama of the city of Alba-Iulia are some of the attractions with which the spectacular fortress awaits its visitors.

Alba Carolina Citadel is on the list of tourist attractions recommended by the world’s best travel guide, Lonely Planet.

5. Transalpine

This is an unique tourist destination that connects the historical regions Oltenia and Transylvania. It is one of the most fascinating roads in the country, located at over 2,000 meters altitude, in the Parang mountain range and preserves the wildness of the surrounding places.

Transalpina was initially a mountain trail used by the shepherds from the margin of Sibiu, and later the one who made the inauguration of the road was Carol II, which is why the route is also called “The Royal Road” or “The King’s Road”.

During the winter, the route is closed, but during the hot season the landscapes you have the opportunity to see if you go through it are absolutely spectacular.

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