The most haunted places around the world – Avoid the visit

Haunted places (or supposedly haunted) are not new, and there is not always a lot of factual information to prove that these areas are really inhabited by lost souls, evil spirits or other supernatural beings.

And yet, the aura of ambiguity emanating from these “supernatural places” continues to feed the imagination of mystery lovers all around the world. At the same time, this idea remains the main theme of many famous novels and horror films.

But have you ever wondered about the most haunted places in the world? What are the boundaries between our world and the other world? In this article, we will introduce the most horrifying places in the world featuring violent history, suspicious deaths, disappearances and mysterious stories of souls still walking around the real world in search of revenge.

The Humberstone and La Noria cities – Chile

These cities were emptied in 1960 after coal prices dropped sharply and after several reports of inhumane conditions in which miners were forced to work. According to these reports, the coal mines at Humberstone and La Noria caused the death of more than 100 workers.

It is said that during the night in La Noria, many ghosts roam the streets. But the local legends here are nothing compared to the horrific testimonies and images taken in Humberstone, where images show mysterious shadows and ghost-like shapes that even skeptics have a hard time explaining. La Noria and Humberstone are so evil that the inhabitants of Iquique (a neighboring city) refuse to go closer than a few miles from both cities.

There is a series of official reports containing data from many witnesses who said that during the night, they heard voices of children playing for hours although the cities are inhabited.

Although the authorities investigated the incidents, no one can say with certainty whether the tombs that were suddenly dug up were done so by people or “supernatural beings.”

Monte Cristo Palace – Australia

One of the most active paranormal regions in Australia has been owned by the Crawley family for nearly 100 years (between 1855 and 1948). However, the Crowley family seems to have been a cursed family, and over time its members have experienced innumerable dark happenings.

For over 100 years, Monte Cristo Palace has been linked to many suspicious deaths, including the death of a local resident known to have serious mental problems who was found hanged in a guard hut.

In recent years the palace has been the subject of several television reports. Teams of professionals spent several days inside the Monte Cristo Palace, and various video and sound recordings were published, highlighting the supernatural activities taking place inside the palace.

Edinburgh Castle – Scotland

With a long history dating back more than 900 years, this massive defensive construction is one of the most active paranormal attractions in Scotland. Since its construction in the 12th century, the Edinburgh Castle has witnessed numerous cases of torture and bloody executions.

The castle become a tourist attraction especially for the adventure seekers of those who dare to walk deep into its dark fortified towers. The prison at Edinburgh Castle hosted famous personalities such as Duke Alexander Stewart (who escaped after stabbing the bodyguards and then burning their bodies), Lady Janet Douglas de Glamis (accused of witchcraft and burned), and a young musician who dared to venture into catacombs and has never been found after.

In 2001, the Edinburgh Castle became the site of the largest paranormal experience in history. A team of nine investigators and 200 volunteers explored many of the secret rooms and corridors, but also a large part of the cell under the castle. If the evil castle of Edinburgh does not seem scary enough, it is enough to just remember that right under the castle there’s the “Mary King’s Close”, where people who died from the plague that ravaged Europe were locked and abandoned.

Winchester House – United States

Although this mysterious house is not haunted, it is still one of the strangest homes in the world. After the tragic death of her husband and her only child, Sarah Winchester (the daughter of the famous firearms manufacturer) had several encounters with astrologers who associated the dark surroundings of her family’s tragic deaths with some sort of revenge for the lives killed by firearms manufactured at the Winchester plant.

The Mackenzie Mausoleum in Edinburgh – Scotland

The mausoleum of Sir George Mackenzie is undoubtedly one of the most famous supernatural places in the world. Also known as “Bloody Mackenzie” Sir George McKenzie (1636-1691) was responsible for the deaths of more than 18,000 people between 1679 and 1686.

For more than 300 years, the Black Shrine has been home to some of the most horrifying paranormal activity situations recorded in history (things only became even more intense after the tomb of a homeless man was vandalized in 1998).

More than 500 attacks have since been reported, with the vast majority of victims being subjected to scratches, bruises or strokes. More than 170 people reportedly fainted in the black shrine. In 2000, the sudden death of Colin Grant (exorcist and priest in a local church) was attributed to the curse of Sir George McKenzie.

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