The most beautiful Christmas destinations in Europe

For holidays, many European cities are turning into realms of fairy tales. Spectacular decorations, food markets, concerts with Christmas music – all these attract thousands of tourists every year.

Thousands of tourists come every year in cities like Vienna, Prague or Bruges. It is worth noting here that the most beautiful European Christmas destinations are not necessarily the most famous. We’ll give you some of the lesser-known places but still great for a memorable birthday.

The price of airline tickets is not quite low during the Christmas period, but you can enjoy the magical atmosphere throughout December at a lower cost. Packages offered by travel agencies during the Christmas period can be more beneficial than if you were organizing them yourself.

Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is a fairytale city, which became even more interesting during the winter break. The city’s exquisite architectural design complements the Christmas decor. Prague is famous for its fairy tale atmosphere during Christmas, and the organized markets on this occasion are considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Hot drinks and traditional sweets are widely available in street stalls. Prague’s largest Christmas market is organized in the city’s old center.

Rovaniemi – Finland

For everyone who wants to spend the Christmas holidays as if they live in one of the fairy tales and stories, they should choose to head over to the country Santa Claus. Rovaniemi is one of the most beautiful European Christmas destinations. The Finnish city makes you feel just like you live in a wonderful story that you don’t want to end. Rovaniemi is very impressive, and during the winter break it seems even a small town from another world, it is a charming city. Rovaniemi is located near the Arctic Circle, and spending Christmas there is an experience you will remember throughout your life. It is the perfect destination for children, who will have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus directly at his home, and walk with reindeer dogs or an iglo.

The price of the stay should not be too high if you do not choose to stay in the city center. Vienna has an extremely good transportation system.

Innsbruck – Austria

Christmas in Innsbruck is an experience that you must do at least once in your life. The Austrian resort is set amidst high snow-capped mountains – the perfect location for Christmas.

To reach Innsbruck you have to fly to Vienna and from there you can rent a car. Tyrol Resort is very expensive during the holidays and is a favorite destination for skiers. On, 4 nights accommodation starts from €500 per double room.

Colmar – France

Colmar is a small village dating back to the thirteenth century, and it is also called “The Little Venice”, because its canals in the streets date back to the medieval period. It is great to wander the streets as if in ancient times and lit with Christmas decorations. Colmar is a small town and most of its inhabitants are artisans, who invite you to buy their skillful products. And don’t forget to enjoy delicious dishes, concerts and various markets.

Valkenburg – Netherlands

Christmas in Valkenburg is truly unique. This is because in a small Dutch town near the border with Germany an underground Christmas market is organized in a cave. The experience of walking through the colors of the cave decorated with the spirit of Christmas is an unforgettable experience. The cave is also the place where Santa Claus’ house is located, so visitors can see the wonderful sled reindeer and buy gifts for children. You can get there via a Christmas train, which runs from Simpelveld to Valkenburg.

Reykjavik – Iceland

You should visit Reykjavik during Christmas at least once in your lifetime, especially as here you can enjoy the magical lights of the Aurora Borealis, which perfectly complement the image of Christmas decorations. In addition to the city’s beautiful Christmas markets, tourists can take whale watching excursions in their natural environment, fish on the sidewalk in a traditional fishing village or walk through ice caves.

Bruges – Belgium

Belgium is a great Christmas destination with great Christmas fairs. During the winter break, Brugges truly comes to life under the bright dome of Christmas lights. It is the perfect place where you can enjoy a waffle biscuit with chocolate or drink hot chocolate, after an hour of ice skating in the open air near Christmas markets.

Nuremberg – Germany

Germany is also one of the most beautiful destinations to go during the Christmas period, with more than two million tourists coming to Nuremberg every year. Nuremberg Christmas markets are famous for their originality, as only true traditional products are sold, which are not mass-produced. A lot of joy tempts tourists every year, from sweet cakes, ginger to fried almonds and German grilled sausages. The amusement park includes a steam and circular train and a giant wheel through which you can enjoy the city.

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