The best tourist destinations in Bulgaria for your summer holiday

Summer is the ideal season to visit Bulgaria. This is the season in which you can climb mountain peaks or enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Black Sea, or participate in the amazing open air events and shows that take place throughout the country.

Here’s our choice of the best destinations you can visit during your Bulgarian summer trip.

Sozopol Beach

Sozopol is a wonderful collection of old houses, wonderful summer atmosphere and beach life. Feel free to take a walk through the old town, filled with a century old houses, and then go up the stairs to the old town, or shop around for artworks. If you prefer wider areas, head on to Kavatsi Beach or Smokinya Beach near Sozopol.

Smokinya beach for camping

Smokinya Beach is within walking distance of Sozopol, one of the best camping sites on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. You can get here in your van, or rent one on site for a few days and enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves crashing into the coast. The area is full of white-washed beach pubs where you can enjoy a nice cocktail.

Opera Festival in the fortress

Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of Bulgaria and still retains the charm of ancient times, dominating the skyline over the city. On some nights you can watch a sound and light show projected directly on the castle. We recommend visiting the Opera Theater Festival for an unforgettable experience, held every summer at the fortress.

Sofia City Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival is one of the biggest summer events in Bulgaria, in a huge open space in central Sofia, with famous local artists and musicians. The festival lasts for three days and brings together thousands of music fans around the world.

Rhodope Mountains and the bagpipe festival

Ask the Bulgarians about their favorite mountains and all of them will say “Rhodopes”. These soft-shaped mountains do not cross through many marked trails, but are full of old villages and amazing people. One of these villages is Gela, which hosts the country’s largest bagpipe festival, which will take place on the first weekend of August.

Plovdiv for Singing Fountains and the Kabana Art district

The Singing Fountains in the city of Plovdiv make for great pictures, both in the day and during the night. People come here to rest on hot summer days, with the fountains serving great for this purpose. The nights here have a magical atmosphere with the lights automatically changing according to the rhythm. After the show, head to the Kapana art district, where you will find many art cafes and quiet bars.

Fire-walking in the Balgari village

One of the unique Bulgarian traditions that still lives even today is the Nestinari which stands for walking on hot embers. The tradition is done every year on June 3 i, near the border with Turkey. The rites begin early in the morning, but the most beautiful thing happens after sunset, when the village’s central square is covered in embers. Special people called Nestinari perform a traditional dance on the embers — barefoot.

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