The best ski resorts in the Nordic countries

With the upcoming winter season and the heavy snowfalls about to happen, prepare to go on a beautiful trip to the most famous ski slopes in the world. Here are the best skiing places in the Nordic Scandinavian countries.

Skiing in Riksgränsen – Sweden

To date, there are still undiscovered places in northern Sweden bordering the Arctic. At the Riksgränsen slopes you can go out skiing in the middle of the night, under the colorful Aurora Borealis. Experienced skiers will quickly navigate the slopes, but there are many natural ski slopes for beginners.

Skiing in Trysil – Norway

Just like a beautiful origami project, the city of Trysil in Norway seems to have been hand carved by a very talented artist. However, this structural perfection comes with expensive entrance fees which only rich people can afford. The slope is preferred by expert skiers, who want to take on some real challenges.

Skiing in Ylläs – Finland

The Ylläs Resort in Finland has some amazingly long slopes, as well as mesmerizing forests and swamps. It is a wonderful land, that will make you feel very close to Santa Claus and Princess Snow White. From here you can see the beautiful Northern Lights and admire wild reindeer.

Skiing in Idre – Sweden

Filled with shiny snow and featuring unique architecture, Idre has plenty to offer to tourists, and also has a “wild adventure” side, featuring some extremely difficult slopes for experienced skiers.

Skiing in Himos – Finland

The ski slopes here are dedicated to those who are used to skiing, and this is why you’ll find the most experienced snowboarders here. However, the resort not only has ski slopes, but also offers a unique experience for brave tourists – swimming in the frozen lake. You can test your bowling skills on a frozen alley, try out a “safari trip” with elks, or go on a crazy adventure in the Troll Forest – your kids will love it!

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