Some of the Most Beautiful Rural Villages Europe

Europe is not only known for its magnificent cities, magnificent cities, mountain resorts and beautiful beaches. Travel enthusiasts can discover here some unique places that may be less famous, but still retain their old charm with small cafes, traditional restaurants and friendly locals.

Bolgheri – Italy

Viale dei Cipressi is a 5 km long road surrounded by more than 2500 cypress trees which leads directly to the village of Bolgheri, a place hidden among vineyards in southern Tuscany. Stop at the Caffe della Posta, located in the central square, to sample one of the finest delicious red wines produced in the area.

Kotor – Montenegro

In autumn, the fog surrounding the hills around the Kotor Bay is thick, but the mystical atmosphere has not stopped European tourists from spending their holidays here. The locals welcome the visitors with their famous meat stew, and the beaches in the area are not crowded. However, the natural beauty of the coast is the main attraction of this region, located 80 km from the capital Podgorica.

Aberdour – Scotland

The Edinburgh train stops at a Victorian station, next to a valley full of colorful flowers and shadowed by a medieval castle. Aberdour is not a city that can be visited by car but this should not be an inconvenience, as all tourist attractions are located only a few hundred meters apart. This village is the ideal choice to stay during the Edinburgh International Festival when the city is full of visitors. For the rest of the year, Aberdour is a quiet village filled with charming atmosphere.

Folegandros – Greece

There is no building taller than two floors on this island, no cruise ships, no restaurants and no luxurious shops. However, this remote island is ideal if you want to escape the crowded cities and busy beaches of Greece.

Viscri – Romania

This village was one of Prince Charles’s favorite destinations, who bought a house here and sought to protect the rural areas of Transylvania. The church and the cemetery in the village of Viscri date back to the twelfth century, and were listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visitors can easily access the farms in the village for an authentic Saxon experience.

Giornico – Switzerland

It is difficult to describe the charm of Ticino, a region in southern Switzerland where locals speak mostly Italian. In order to experience the true magic of this region, you can make a short trip to the popular resorts of Locarno and Ascona to visit the village of Giornico, an isolated village dating back to the 14th century.

Getaria – Spain

This seaside village has the potential to become the most popular holiday destination in Spain. Getaria is a small seaport known for seafood brought from the Biscaya Bay and cooked on the grill. Weekends are the ideal days to visit this corner of Spain, thanks to the festivities held by most of the city’s restaurants.

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