Planning a holiday in Malaga? Here are some tips!

Malaga is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain, and some of the reasons why you prepare for a visit are:

• A variety of beautiful beaches.

• An ideal place to discover Spanish culinary art.

Malaga features a lot of tourist attractions that you should not miss.

• It is one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean and retains a vibrant historical charm.

If you are planning to reach this Spanish city, whether for a week or only two or three days, you should consider some tips. This way you will get the most memorable memories!

When and how to go to Malaga?

You can enjoy a perfect holiday at any time. In the winter, for example, temperatures reach 22 ° C. During the summer the weather is warmer, but the sea breeze makes the temperature very bearable.

If you are travelling on a budget, it is best to go in spring or fall because airline tickets are cheaper in these seasons.

For your trip inside the city you will discover a complex and wonderful network of buses and metro. The cost of a trip is 1.3 euro.

What to visit in Malaga?

There are many sights worth checking out. To learn more about the city, you can start with the Maur Castle, which dominates the central area and allows you to enjoy great views of the city.

You can also visit the Roman Theater, Pablo Picasso’s birthplace or one of the many beaches here. Malaga is a sunbathing city that features a lot of unique beaches. If your purpose is to tan or swim in the Mediterranean sea, this is the perfect place.

For unique sensations and memories you can watch a bullfight. It’s true that it’s a violent show but it’s a classic Spanish show that you might want to watch at least once in you lifetime.

Also add on your itinerary famous museums such as the Museum of Folk Art, Botanical Gardens or the Old Center, with its cathedrals and buildings dating back hundreds of years!

If you feel like detouring a bit from the city, you can head to Seville, Cordoba or Gibraltar. These are all very close to Malaga and are equally impressive!

What to eat in Malaga?

The food here is delicious. You can stop at one of the beach terraces and enjoy delicious fish and seafood dishes. Obviously you should not miss a Spanish tapas dish!

Being a great tourist city with multiple choice of accommodation, we recommend that you take at least a week to discover all that Malaga has to offer!

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