Morocco – A One Of A Kind Destination

The state of Morocco is ssurrounded by four mountain ranges, including the Atlas Mountains, with beaches both on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and at the same time guarded by the Sahara Desert. Morocco attracts millions of tourists every year with the beauty of its landscapes, the magnificence of its former imperial cities and the hospitality you are welcomed with by the locals.

Morocco is not just a beautiful country; it is a tourist destination you can not see in just one stay. That’s why we can not even include everything in one article. Today we’ll try to inspire you to choose some beautiful places for your stay.


You cannot say you visited Morocco if you did not get to Marakesh. An enchanting city where the Moroccan social and cultural heritage is permanently visible, Marrakesh is perhaps the most sought-after tourist destination in Morocco.

In the Medina of Marakesh (Old Town), enter the Djemma el-fna market, where you will find a lot of shops where vendors welcome you with local products and spices. In this place you’ll also get to see a lot of traditional musicians and live shows with snakes and acrobatics.

As soon as you get out of this human labyrinth you will find the famous Medina de Marrakesh, with colorful streets forming a wonderful view. The streets are very narrow and surrounded by buildings on both sides.

In Marrakech, you can visit the city’s most famous symbol, the 77-meter tall Koutoubia Mosque, which dominates Marrakech urban landscape, taking into consideration that the Moroccan legislation do not typically allow construction of buildings higher than a palm tree.

The Al Badi Palace in Marrakech is a beautiful construction, built over a period of 25 years, from 1578 to 1593. A lot of expensive materials were used during the construction, such as gold, agate and Italian marble.

To get a full impression on what Moroccan art and culture feel like, we recommend going to museums such as the Dar Si Said Museum. Here you’ll be able to find many kinds of Moroccan art, from silver jewelry to carpets, leather goods, marble or lamps.


The place is very popular amid movie lovers around the world thanks to the movie with the same name, featuring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Casablanca is also the largest gateway to Morocco, hosting the largest Moroccan airport; for this reason, Casablanca often makes a great first impression on most tourists about this beautiful country.

Casablanca cannot be compared in terms of traditions with Marrakesh; the city is very developed from an economic perspective, being a very important business center in the area. European tourists often feel at home in this place – many of the modern buildings here have been designed by European architects.

However, in Casablanca you will find the traditional architecture of Morocco. We recommend that you visit the Hassan II Mosque, a major attraction in Casablanca built in 1993.


Unlike Casablanca, Fes is a destination where Western civilization has not yet left its mark on. Here you will be able to find the authentic Moroccan spirit. At the same time, Fes el Bali is famous for the leather markets here. Here tourists can find a variety of objects made by traditional Moroccan handicrafts, from glass objects to the traditional Moroccan slippers.


The city is located in the northwest part of Morocco, very close to the Strait of Gibraltar. Tangier is, after Casablanca, Morocco’s most important industrial and business center. The city is in the process of industrial and urban development, and the most important investment here is the Tangier-med port, which is expected to secure annual transit for 8 million containers, 7 million passengers and nearly 3 million vehicles annually.

The city of Tangier is fascinating for any visitor who arrives here. Since the 5th century BC, because of to the geographical location, the place has been crossed by many civilizations that have left their mark on the architecture, traditions and habits of the inhabitants here .

The old city of Tangier is a tricky maze made up of narrow streets that descend to the sea. The place is filled with vestiges of the past, and represents the marks left by various civilizations that have passed here. We recommend you to visit can visit the church here, built by the Spaniards in 1880, and to the East you’ll find the Grand Mosque of Tangier.

In the northern part of the city you will find the Dar al-Makhzem Palace, the old residences of the Sultans, as well as the Kasbah Museum.

Ville Nouvelle (the new city) is very interesting and modern, and was established at the end of the 19th century. Ville Nouvelle is the most popular destination here for both locals and tourists. It is a place where many people meet to stroll around, spend some relaxing hours in cafes, or just gaze at the mesmerizing ocean scenery.

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