Mesmerizing natural lakes around the world

Whether you prefer mountains or love the sea, natural lakes are a great idea for a unique vacation, combining both in a beautiful way. The surface of the fresh water and the brilliant colors, plants, animals and surrounding landscapes, these are just some of the features that never cease to fascinate us with the world’s lakes. Poets and writers sang their beauty and others painted their simplicity in their works of art.

The beautiful lakes around the world are innumerable and each of them has unique features that make them so astonishing. Therefore, in order to make your decision easier, we have chosen some of the most beautiful lakes around the world.

Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

As the name suggests, this lake has so many wonderful colors reflecting in its waters. Local legends and folklore say that the interpretation of these brilliant colors in the waters of the Red Lagoon Lake dates back to the time when the gods shed blood. But it is actually just millions of algae, which have a wonderful color and live on the bottom of the lake.

Lake Bled in Slovenia

This lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Slovenia. It has emerald-colored waters, and the surrounding landscape makes you feel as if everything is moving around you. From here you can see the Julian Alps. It is also close to a 17th-century archaeological building as well as the lake’s full beach, which will make for unforgettable travel memories!

Lake Nakuru in Kenya

This Kenyan lake is located in the Great African Rift and is known to tourists around the world. Millions of people are attracted here every year by the lake’s wonderful scenery and animals such as lions, tigers and flamingos. Although the waters of the lake in recent years have risen and their water stream is slowing down, you can still see wonderful scenes of pink flamingos in these wonderful areas, now considered nature reserves.

Lake Minnewanka in Canada

The Banff National Park Canada has many magnificent lakes that would need their own article to talk about! But Lake Minnewanka Glacier offers its visitors a truly stunning view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Lake Como in Italy

If you have arrived in Italy and have not visited Lake Como it is surely worth it to go back and dedicate part of your vacation to visit it. This Italian jewel has been known since the Roman Empire and attracts thousands of tourists during the summer. The Lake Como area is not just about its natural beauty but its famous luxury hotels where you can always see Hollywood stars like George Clooney, Johnny Depp and others.

Lake Crater Oregon in the United States of America

The deepest lake in the United States, it is about 600 meters deep. Water was formed from the melting of glaciers and precipitation. It is one of the lightest clear blue waters in the world.

West Lake – Hangzhou in China

The lake itself and the surrounding area have become a protected area for UNESCO since 2011. The World Organization has justified its selection by saying that this lake has been the inspiration for poets, scientists and great artists since the ninth century AD.

Lake Dush in Scotland

Located in a mountainous area in western Scotland, this lake is known for its beauty as well as being home to one of Europe’s most famous 13-year-old archaeological castles, the famous Elian Dunant Castle.

Plitvice lakes in Croatia

The 16 lakes in the Plitvice Lakes complex in the Croatian National Park are connected to a series of fast and spectacular waterfalls. The landscape created by this flowing water from the water is worthy of fantastic cinematic scenes.

Dead Sea between Jordan and Palestine

Yes it is called the Dead Sea but it is actually a salt lake. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains of palm trees and salt formations with exotic shapes. It will be difficult to bathe in the lake due to high salinity, but you can very easily learn to swim here because the lake water will keep you floating!

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