Lebanon, “The Switzerland of the Middle East”


The Republic of Lebanon is located in the western part of the Asian continent in the Middle East, overlooking the west of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a country rich in its diverse cultures, because of the different civilizations that have been part of it throughout the ages, making it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

The country was given the nickname of “The Switzerland of the Middle East” as it was one of the most popular countries, attracting foreign tourists and companies. The Republic of Lebanon contributes to the enrichment of Arab and international cultures in various fields such as science, literature, journalism and tourism. It includes many Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Crusader monuments, ranging from caves, churches, mosques and castles to many other beautiful sites on the World Heritage List. Lebanon is one of the most beautiful natural areas, combining beautiful beaches with the majestic mountains.

The most famous sights in the Republic of Lebanon

Jeita Cave: It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Lebanon, located in Wadi Al-Kalab valley. It is called “The Jewel of Lebanese Tourism”. It contains narrow structures and reefs formed by nature. The Jeita Cave consists of two sections: The Upper Cave discovered in 1958 and the lower cave discovered by the American orientalist William Thompson, in the 1930s.

Baalbek: The oldest archaeological and historical city in Lebanon, located in the Bekaa Valley. The city contains many Phoenician, Greek and Roman monuments that include a complex of great temples, which consists of the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Bacchus, the Temple of Venus, and the Temple of Mercurius.

Byblos: The city of Byblos is a historic port, and the city dates back to thousands of years ago. Byblos has many tourist attractions ranging from the Phoenician temples, the stunning Byblos Castle, the Wax Museum, the John the Baptist Church, and the Byblos Museum of Fossils.

Beit El Din Palace: Located in the Chouf area of ​​Mount Lebanon, it was built at the end of the seventeenth century and was named Prince Bashir Palace, the current summer residence of the President of Lebanon.

Faria: One of the most famous tourist places in Lebanon, located in the mountain area of ​​Keserwan, and is intended for tourists to practice all kinds of skiing activities and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Al Hamra Street: Located in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, it is the most vibrant area with its many malls and shopping centers, the finest cafés and restaurants, and the most famous Lebanese theaters.

Tannourine Falls: Known as the Batar Jorge waterfall and the 30 bridges, the waterfalls rise to 255 meters within a stunning stone cave located in the northern town of Tannourine. Tourists can swim here and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the area.

Climate of the Republic of Lebanon

Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate that varies from warm to humid in summer and cold on the coast, mild in summer and very cold in winter in the mountains area.

Official Currency

The Lebanese pound is the official currency of the country, but most Lebanese use the US dollar in their day-to-day business transactions because of the devaluation of the local currency.

The most famous tourist hotels in the Republic of Lebanon

Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace


Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

Riviera Hotel Beirut Hotel

Golden Tulip Galleria Hotel

Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut

Many people underestimate Lebanon as a travel destination. However, we strongly feel that it’s a beautiful location, extremely rich in culture traits and history, along with beautiful nature sceneries, pictoresque beaches and even ski slopes.

If you’re planning on visiting Lebanon, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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