Italy – Ranked As the Number One Country When It Comes to Traditional Food

Italy, France, Mexico, Greece and Thailand are among the countries offering the best traditional food dishes in the world.

When we say Italy we think directly about pasta, and when we say Paris we think about cheese, the country’s main ingredient. When tourists start planning for their holidays, they choose the destinations based not only on tourist attractions, but also on the culinary arts of each country. Let’s not forget that the culture and civilization of a country is represented by specific dishes which have, in most cases, become famous all over the world. We’ve put together a list of countries that have the best food, taking into account the opinions and preferences of tourists.

Thailand ranked 10th in the rankings. Thai food has some unique ingredients, available in all Thai restaurants around the world. Thai cuisine has Indian and Chinese influences, later adapted to suit local tastes. The Thai people love mixing various tastes, and prefer spicy food. It’s no wonder they use chili in almost all dishes, including salad.

The United States is ranked ninth among the countries with the best traditional dishes. The main foods consumed here are fast food. Fast-food chains in the United States are loved and appreciated on all continents, and have spread everywhere throughout the world.

China is ranked eighth. Chinese food is consumed in a unique way, with bamboo chopsticks. The chinese cuisine consists of animal protein, which is a key ingredient in many Chinese main dishes. Another main ingredient in Chinese food are carbohydrates, such as rice or squid.

Japan ranks seventh. The main ingredients of traditional Japanese cuisine are fish, various other seafood products, vegetables and rice. As we all know, the most common type of traditional food consumed here is sushi. The abundance of marine products in the waters surrounding Japan, as well as the Buddhist religion that prohibits killing animals, made the Japanese use dairy products or animal fats in very small quantities.

Spain occupies the sixth place. Spain has some of the most varied European dishes, due to the different geography, culture and climate between the regions of this country. Fish and seafood are the essential ingredients in traditional dishes.

Greece ranks fifth in the countries with the best traditional dishes. The Greeks have a few characteristic ingredients used in almost all dishes. These include: lemon, olive oil, aromatic herbs and wine. All entrees are served with different sauces.

India takes the fourth place. Indians use a wide range of spices, which are considered to be the most important ingredients in traditional Indian dishes.

France comes in third. French cuisine is amongst the most sophisticated in the world. There are many French dishes that have spread and become known all over the world. France is the country where the culinary world is considered a form of art, and the French are said to be the best chefs in the world. Wine and cheese are the most important parts of French cuisine, among with pastries products.

Mexico occupies the second place and the main products in Mexican cuisine are beans, peppers and corn.

The country with the best food in the world is Italy. Italian gastronomy is known for its delicious pasta, and the world famous pizza, prepared with various types of cheese and seafood. Italian cuisine also includes plenty of dishes featuring lamb, rice and oil, tomatoes, parmesan, mozzarella, but also dried mushrooms and vegetables.

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