Here’s Why You Shoud Visit Cyprus This Summer

Summer always comes with an unimaginable passion to sink your feet in hot sands, swim in the calm sea and enjoy delicious dishes. There are lots of places in the world that can offer you this, but Cyprus is one of the most accessible places. Alongside the sea, sun, sand and elegant dishes, Cyprus also offers all the other ingredients for a perfect holiday: a rich history, scenic views, lots of sports, activities and adrenaline.

The tourism culture is well anchored in the Cypriot reality. The services in most cases are excellent, so you will feel great while in this country.

What do you need to know about Cyprus?

Cyprus is a country like no other, which hides a lot of curiosities. It has just over 800,000 inhabitants and is divided into two states: Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus. The interesting part is that Nicosia is the capital of both states and is divided into two, being the only capital in the world divided in this way after Berlin was reunited in 1989.

Over time, the Persians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans, and the English have left their marks on the island, which has led to the shaping of an incredible personality of the country, both in terms of the way citizens see life, as well as from a culinary or cultural point of view. What is certain is that once you arrived in Cyprus, you will see what they saw: Greek temples, Byzantine churches, Roman ruins, castles, and many other proofs of the civilizations that passed through this place.

What should you do or visit in Cyprus?

The island has so many amazing places to visit that it’s hard to list all of them in just one place. It’s good to prepare a list of everything you want to visit before arriving there. Here are a few of the most recommended things to do:

Visit the old Cypriot cities. Limassol is the most famous coastal city, with its unique beauty. From here you can go to the Trodos Mountains or other interesting attractions. Paphos is also worth visiting, being the birthplace of Aphrodite, and Aya Napa is the capital of fun, with dozens of bars, clubs and leisure opportunities. You can also go to Nicosia, Protaras or Larnaca, which is, in fact, the oldest city in the country.

Visit caves and bays. There are many small bays and caves where you can relax at will and discover the splendor of nature. Many of them can only be discovered with the help of the locals, but it’s worth it.

Visit monuments, archaeological sites, churches and museums. We recommend visiting the Sultan Tekkesi Halls, the Medieval Fort of Larnaca, or the Church of St. Lazarus, where Lazarus, who is said to have been ressurected by Jesus, was buried.

In almost any city, you will be able to go on cruises, safaris and enjoy a lot of of experiences. After all, most of the Cypriots’ income comes from tourism.

Why go to Cyprus this summer?

Because the weather is perfect and prices are not as huge as you expect, and there are so many things to do here. As for accommodation, you will definitely be able to get great deals.

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