Hamburg, Germany – Where Beautiful Nature Meets History

Hamburg is Germany’s second most populous city. Most of the tourists who arrive to this country for a holiday usually choose in more famous cities such as Munich or choose to arrive here only during the October German festivals. However, Hamburg is a truly unique place and its inhabitants are proud of their origins, traditions and history. Let’s explore together what you should visit on your holiday to Hamburg!

Port of Hamburg

Hamburg is a city renowned for its harbor, located on the bank of the Elbe; according to some rankings, the port is the second in Europe after Rotterdam, while others rank it according to some criteria in the third position after Antwerp.

However, the port of Hamburg is a tourist destination in itself and is the place where 8 million containers are handled each year, or sent to other destinations around the world.

Fish market

Since 1703, the fish market offers the opportunity to buy any specific product by participating in the auctions organized here, and is also a tourist attraction in itself. The market seems like a beautiful show itself, especially when you watch it while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or when you try out a delicious fish sandwich!


Jungfernstieg is the center of the city for locals and tourists alike. You can enjoy a walk here on the shores of Lake Alster, an artificial lake made after the construction of a dam on the river. You can relax here and perhaps go for a shopping session in Alsterhaus or the other shops in the area.


Alster is a popular tourist attraction loved by locals and tourists. It is an artificial lake stretching over an area of ​​160 hectares, located in the center of Hamburg.

Whether you choose to spend a day on the lake or choose to relax in a café or restaurant on the beach nearby, Alster will give you the opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest.

Ship museums

In Hamburg there are a number of vessels with a previous maritime history, which after leaving the service were converted into museums. Thus, you will get the opportunity to follow the footsteps of ancient seafarers and explorers!


Hafen City has been named “Europe’s Largest Inner City Development Project,” an ambitious project for a city within another city, a large urban area with its own modern architecture, featuring office spaces and beachfront parks near the harbor.

As a tourist attraction here you will find the small town of Miniatur Wunderland, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, featuring the highest-level acoustics all over Europe and the Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse area in the world.


Hamburg is a city where museums are literally everywhere, the HSV Museum, the GEWÜRZMUSEUM Spice Museum (the only museum of its kind in the world), the U-434 (the world’s largest spy submarine, now a museum).


If you arrive in Hamburg on your next holiday, you should not miss out on visiting a few churches, emblematic for this coastal city and important tourist attractions thanks to the huge number of tourists and locals who come here.

Here are the five major churches in Hamburg that we recommend you to visit:

Michaelis – the most visited church in Hamburg, more than 350 years old, it was rebuilt three times between 1641 and 1912. Here visitors have the opportunity to see a presentation on a large, 5 meters wide screen, about the last 1,000 years of Hamburg’s history. You can also climb on the church’s platform at a height of 106 meters, where you can see panoramic views of the entire city, port and surrounding areas.

Jacobi – A church built in the 14th century and considered one of the oldest Baroque buildings throughout Europe, was built in 1693 and later restored.

Katharinen – built in 1250, it features a 115-meter high tower, and is the third oldest church in Hamburg. Its name comes from that of St. Catherine.

Nikolai – a church originally built in the 12th century, it was completely destroyed by the fire in 1842 and then rebuilt. Shortly after, it was destroyed again by the bombings that hit Hamburg in 1943. At present, the church has been rebuilt at a new location and completed in 1962.

Petri – the oldest church in Hamburg, with historians claiming that the first documents mentioning it date back to 1195.

Historic Hamburg

The Old Town is the oldest district in Hamburg and a very popular tourist attraction. Tourists here are often looking for places like:

Chilehaus – a magnificent architectural building built from 48 million black brick pieces.

Burchardplatz – one of the most famous markets in Hamburg, characterized by its unique


Old Elbe Tunnel (Alter Elbtunnel) – A 426-meter tunnel in which you can walk up to 24 meters below the ground level with a lift, completely free of charge. When it opened in 1911 it was the first tunnel of its kind in Europe.

Green Hamburg

Hamburg is an extremely green city where the sea breeze, lush gardens, beautiful lakes and just about everything else call for a healthy lifestyle. In Hamburg just as in Amsterdam you will see a lot of people using bicycles even on colder days, or even in rainy weather.

Alsterpark is the most famous park in Hamburg, located on the banks of Alster Lake. It is a beautiful green location that attracts both tourists and locals, a place where you can breathe fresh air or enjoy the sun and nature. Alsterpark also attracts tens of thousands of tourists who come to the Japanese Flower Festival every year.

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