Greece – A Paradise On Earth

If Greece isn’t on your must-go-to list already, you should consider adding it as soon as possible. Loved by millions of people from all over the world, this beautiful country is extremely rich in all aspects of culture, history and in its unique beautifulness.

Greece offers world class high end tourism services designed to fit all budget categories. Apart from the welcoming locals and beautiful landscapes, it has some unique landmarks dating up to 3000 years back – easily earning it the name of “Paradise of the earth”. It is thus no wonder that it is one of the top 20 tourist destinations of the world. We strongly believe that every single person needs to visit Greece at least once in their lifetime.

Every year, Greece attracts between 16 to 18 million tourists of all age groups, and it is thought that this figure will soon reach to 20. From families who take their children to explore the beaches and swim in their beautiful waters, to couples who spend their honeymoons in the magnificent Greek islands for the perfect romantic moments, history and archeology lovers who are amazed by the stunning history dating back thousands of years, everyone seems to find his passion within this beautiful country.

Greek holidays are a living dream that unfold in front of your eyes the moment you arrive. The beauty of the country’s nature and cultural heritage is so amazingly rich, featuring thousands of attractions that bring tourists from all over the world.

When is the best time to visit Greece?

The tourist season in Greece starts in April and usually lasts up to October, reaching its peak in July – August. Therefore, if you want a relaxing vacation while enjoying more privacy, we recommend you should plan your trip between April and June, when it is also much easier to find a nice place to stay, for an acceptable budget.

In the peak of the season, between mid-July to late August, the majority of people usually prefer going to the beautiful Greek islands. Still, there are also some more isolated islands with a calm atmosphere, for those who prefer enjoying their trip in comfort and tranquility.

Visiting Greece throughout the winter

For those who love travelling during the winter, beautiful Greece definitely has a lot to offer! It is one of the most sought-after winter tourism and ski destinations. The city of Athens is very enjoyable outside the tourist season, especially when the tourist attractions are not full of visitors, and you can enjoy the beautiful landmarks without the never ending crowds of tourists.

The most famous skiing places in Greece are in Arachova and Kalavrita. While you’re there, you should take a moment and enjoy the traditional winter food that will make you fall in love with this season!

Other attractions during the winter include enjoying the warm and cozy thermal lakes such as the Athens Riviera or the Lake Vouliagmeni, or going to Christmas-inspired theme parks such as the famous Santa Claus village – Oneiroupoli. This is a magnificent park with over 20,000 square meters of various activities for both children and parents.

Whatever the nature of your planned trip to Greece, you will never feel disappointed. Whether you’re looking for beaches or mountains, relaxing or partying, be it in winter or summer, your trip to Greece will definitely be your best choice for an unforgettable holiday.

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